CGM Podcast #84: Moving on From a Crappy Crafting Year

Listen to the episode here

Show Notes 

    Life Update:
    • Happy New Year!
    • Thanksgiving at our house with family
    • Christmas
    • Work
    • Crafting Blues
    • Moving On/Stop Apologizing
    Japanese NYC Bookstore mentioned:
    Kunokuniya (1073 Ave. of Americas)

    Debbie Reynolds movies:

    • Singin' in the Rain
    • Tammy and the Bachelor
    • Tammy and the Doctor
    • The Unsinkable Molly Brown
    Book Review:

    It Ends With Us 
    by Colleen Hoover

    Thanks for listening!


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    GoodReads and Ravelry: Tanesha and/or TaneshaN


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    2. I think that you have had a lot of stuff going on this year, not the least of which is your job change and breaking a bone. These two things are really stressful and being a little depressed is a perfectly reasonable response. It is really important to give yourself a break. It is perfectly fine to re-evaluate your crafting and take a break. It might mean that you don't make anything, but that might mean you are devoting strength to other areas of your life and gathering strength or inspiration for future crafting. Don't compare yourself and your crafty productivity to others. We all go through cycles. It is hard to be a mom and a working person and a crafter and and and....

      There was a Japanese stationery store downtown that was way too convenient. They recently closed that outlet, but still have an outlet in Japantown. I went there the other day and found two bookstores, a gift store and another stationery store. DANGER!!! I also spend way too much money on pens and folders and zipper pouches, etc. I try not to, but as you said, Kryptonite.

      Perhaps you bought the stuff so that you would have an easy way, within your crazy life (said in the nicest way) to perform random acts of kindness. I also have gone overboard with purchasing. I still do occasionally (see above re: Japanese stationery), but I am learning to be more mindful. It is a process. I have found that it isn't instantaneous. Change is hard. I think changing ourselves is even harder.
      More later!

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