CGM Podcast Episode #81: Triple-Itis

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Show Notes 

Life Update:
  • March - sick with all the "itises"
  • Spring Break sans kids: don't let anyone fool you, parents LOVE this.
    • Major "Clean Sweep" purging of the house happened.
  • Maddy's socks
  • Holden shawl - Ravelry page here
  • Sew Over It on YouTube
  • Legacy Knitz podcast on You Tube
  • Outlander Season 2
  • lots of Netflix shows/documentaries

Britt-Marie Was Here by Frederik Backman
on sale 5/3/16

Sixth Grave on the Edge by Darynda Jones
(I recommend starting with First Grave on the Right)

Thanks for listening!!



  1. Yes! I used to love Clean Sweep! It was my go-to show to watch when I was folding laundry - an endless task when my kids were little. I would love it if Netflix or someone would put those old episodes up. Thanks for the memories!

    So glad you are over all the itises and that you had a relaxing Spring Break. It is good to hear from you.

  2. I know how it is with the 'itises'!! I lose my voice the second I get one sniffle, which would then deteriorate into one of the very hideous respiratory infections. I take something daily to prevent those infections, because my doctor hates it when I get one. I am allergic to the common drugs they use to treat aspects of respiratory infections, so it takes me longer to get well. Bleah. No fun. I am glad you got to stay in bed.

    WOW! I am so impressed with your clearing/purging adventure. What a lot of work, but it always pays off. I purge during Lent some years. Instead of giving something up, I plan to give something away every day of Lent. I gone for a lot of Lent this year so it was easier to give up a food than to clean, but I do need to do it. I want to come and admire your handiwork! Will you be able to keep it that way?

    I enjoy NOT having my YM at home. It doesn't mean I love him any less. It doesn't mean I don't care about him. It just means I like knowing that when I go to bed, everyone is in bed. He is coming home from his first year at college next week and it should be interesting to see how it having him home for 4 months.

    Thanks for mentioning various yarns. I am not much of a knitter, but my friend is so I often go and look at the yarns you mention and try and buy her some for her birthday or Christmas. I took a look at Knit Circus yarns, but they only had a tonal in a blue I didn't think my friend would like. I have bought her Madeline Tosh in the past, which is a favorite.

    I read the first Outlander book and only finished it because my SILs and MIL all really like Diana Gabaldon. I might have read Dragonfly in Amber, but haven't read any others. I am sorry; I know she has her own cult, but she needs an editor. I watched a few of the first season when I was in Maryland last year, but don't have access to season 2 and don't plan on seeking it out. You enjoy for me, ok? ;-)

    For some reason, I didn't understand that the Retreat Bag was like a zippered pouch. I thought it was more of a tote bag. Thanks for the link, because I went to look at it. I guess it is a good size and shape for projects; I was just expecting a different shape.

    I hope you get to some sewing soon! I love your projects.

  3. I was also a HUGE fan of Clean Sweep. I still use that system all the time--it really works. (I'm about to use it again today when my daughter comes over to finish clearing out her old bedroom--only about 6 months after she moved out, but hey, who's counting?) Was the other show you were thinking about "Mission Organization?" They were both on at the same time and I watched them both religiously. Got great ideas from both of them when we moved into our current house about ten years ago.

  4. PS Use the Tiffany cake server. Butter knifes are great, but if you have something pretty, why not use it. Send it to me if you don't plan to use it and I will feature it at all of my pie serving events. ;-)

  5. Glad you are feeling well! I agree with Jaye use you knife, it sounds to pretty not to. I watched clean sweep a time or two...I think that is were I get into fits of "Toss EVERYTHING!" I feel her coming back again soon - I have a lot to purge starting with my clothes and shoes!!!

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  7. This is in response to episode 82. I thought I put it on the wrong post, but I don't see a post for episode 82. I removed the comment one time when I thought I would move it to the correct post. Move along... nothing to see here. ;-)

    Your favorite #podcastdeliquent is back. 😉 I am pretty far behind, but skipping to this one to get back in the saddle. I blame iTunes, which does not seem to be downloading whenever it feels like not doing it. I might actually try and find an Android app that works. I know Tina over at WeezyWorks recommended one called Podcast Revolution (I think), so I will confirm that name and see about trying it.

    I am really happy for you in your new job. I am glad you landed safely and happily. I hope the job continues to be good for you. The burning question is: do you get dressed? ;-)

    Not visiting Starbucks is also good on the waistline. I found out when I started to try to lose weight that my favorite drink was 500+ calories for a medium (I forget their special term for a medium). I was shocked! Of course, my favorite drink is mocha based and I have to have it with whip. You get the idea. I'll send you a coupon for Adagio Tea. Get the chocolate. It is FANTASTIC!!!

    I am sorry you haven't been sewing. I do hope you get back to it.

    Thanks for podcasting. I wouldn't mind if you recorded shorter episodes, if that would work better for you.

    More later! I have to go do stuff. ;-)

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