CGM Podcast Episode #76: That Good Ol' Disney Magic

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Show Notes 

Life Update:

  • Summer has begun! School year finish, dance recital
  • Our Disney 2015 Land and Sea vacation 

 We set sail on the 5 day/4 night Disney Dream.

 Cast off deck party with Disney characters

In the amazing Kids Club

Coffee Break!

 Beautiful sunset from our cabin balcony
    • No one told me about the PINS!!!!

F.O.s and WIPs:
Book Review:
 Armada by Ernest Cline

Thanks for listening!



  1. Yes, the time does fly. I remember when Maddy was born. Yours are getting big. I am taking my YM to college in the fall and when you talk about Sam going to 3rd grade, it makes me think of how small and cute he used to be.

    Sherpas: I always told the YM that I was not a small pack animal and he could haul his own stuff. When he could walk I strapped a fanny pack on him and he carried his own stuff. Now he has a jacket with abut 12 pockets. It is like a purse and I know this is because I refused to carry his stuff.

    Disney pins: We have gotten sucked into that and have a couple of lanyards with pins. During our last trip, I didn't really see any l liked. The lanyards get really heavy, though.

    More later.

  2. Disney pins: yes, the lanyards are not worn outside of Disney, but woe be the parent that does not know where the lanyard is before the next Disney trip. I even have to keep track of the lanyard for my 18YO YM!

    Disney kid exhaustion: Look for a photo from me when we went to Disney World several years ago. We have a picture of the Young Man curled up in a chair in a restaurant sleeping after a red eye and all day in the park.

    Pencil case: Try out the Pink Chalk pencil roll pattern. It is a great pattern and very easy to use. It is not a hard case.

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