WIP Wednesday: Outlander applique

The Outlander tv series on Starz starts up again this Saturday, and I have been working on some (fusible) applique blocks for a wall quilt.

First up is Jamie, because well...it's Jamie!

(Yes, the kilt did get a bit shorter...artistic license and all LOL)

And of course any Outlander quilt needs a block with both Jamie and Claire, so I decided to go with the wedding night scene:

 (I still can't get over how low that dress/corset is...even in the finished gown!)

These are of course, unfinished, un-embellished blocks, simply fused fabric onto a background piece. (I use Pellon 805/Wonder Under) Once I have all the blocks I want to use in a theme quilt complete, I will piece it together then quilt and add embellishments (buttons, embroidery, quotes, etc...) as needed.

In a few days I will post my line drawings of these blocks so you can make you own Outlander theme quilt. If I had the time and was a better blogger, I would probably pull together some kind of quilt-along. But as usual, I'm all over the place and my theme of 2015 is "simplify." So to keep it simple, I will just post the blocks as I make them, and when I think I'm ready to move on, I will post the layout of my finished quilt with a detailed post. You could of course just make mini quilts of any of the blocks you like best.

I think you'll like the new ones I'm working on, but I'm open to suggestions on people or things from the first book to try!

Season 1, episode 9 of Outlander can be viewed on the Starz cable channel Saturday, April 4th at 9 pm EST. You can watch the very first episode without a subscription here. The Starz network will be running an Outlander marathon (episodes 1-8) starting at 1 pm April 4th.



  1. These appliqué designs are delightful! You're very generous to share them!

  2. Your blocks look really good, but yikes, you wouldn't want to go and hang out the washing wearing a dress like that, or fix your hair, or do anything that involves lifting your arms!

  3. WOW! I am so impressed with your work. I cant' wait to get back to the DC area so we can spend a little more time together and I can pick your brain. Of course, you are always welcome to visit here. ;-)

  4. Those are wonderful, I look forward to seeing more

  5. Hooray!! These are fantastic! I LOLed at artistic license. Hehe


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