Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts: random stuff I'm thinking and spit out on this blog, usually with bullets because I even think in list form.  
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  • The countdown to our Disney cruise has begun
  • Sam asks me every 2-3 minutes when we're going.
  • Maddy could care less until she remembers she'll
  • get to meet the Disney princesses 
  • and be their best friends
  • and sing with them
  • and dance with them
  • and eat with them
  • and paint nails with them
  • she has big plans
  • for those Princesses
  • I have big plans for a pina colada
  • and a massage.
  • I have continued to work on the Outlander blocks, but
  • ran into a busy week at work
  • so I won't finish the next 2 until tomorrow, which is a day off
  • Thank Bejeezuz.
  • I also have plans to make the
  • Hour Basket
  • Have you seen these popping up everywhere on Instagram 
  • and blogs?
  • Most everyone who makes one says it really does only take
  • an hour
  • While I have big dreams of popping out 6-10 of these baskets
  • It's more likely I'll make 2 at the same time
  • and see how I like it from there.
  • I have also been itching to make another
  • Jazz artist quilt like Billie Holiday
  • only maybe this time
  • Dizzy Gillepsie
  • or
  • Duke Ellington
  • or 
  • Bessie Smith
  • Bessie might be good
  • because there's an upcoming HBO biopic 
  • with Queen Latifah as
  • Bessie
  • who was not always a nice woman
  • but extremely talented and "before" her time
  • musically
  • They're already talking Emmy award for Queen
  • or is it Ms Latifah?
  • Whatever.
  • I have high hopes for this one, the 1920's costumes
  • sucked me in.
  • I really wish Mother Nature would
  • make up her mind what season it is.
  • Today it is 50 degrees out
  • tomorrow it's going to
  • reach 80
  • Every weekend up to now it has been too cold
  • or raining
  • so I haven't planted our vegetable garden yet.
  • The girls are anxious to plant their favorites
  • But it seems they think we have 
  • acreage to put in about 60 different varieties
  • when we're working with a 3' x 12' plot
  • They both think this is perfect for
  • The Great Watermelon, Charlie Brown
  • because there needs to be a summer
  • mythical garden character like at Halloween.
  • Good grief.

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