CGM Podcast Episode #74: Blather and Books

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Show Notes 

Life Update:
  • It's snowing...again...I'm trying not to be bitter.
  • A long-winded story about a certain disorganized 8 yr old.
  • Gardening  - you know, what I used to do early on in the podcast? - book mentioned is: Lasagna Gardening by Patricia Lanza

F.O.'s and WIPs:
  • Mostly art journaling
  • Cast on vanilla socks with Cakewalk Yarns and Addi Turbos in size 0, 40 in. circular needles
  • Wool-gathering ideas

Spring Books!!

  • At the Water's Edge by Sara Gruen - 3/31
  • Very Good Lives by JK Rowling - 4/14
  • Liar by Nora Roberts - 4/14
  • The Stranger by Harlan Coben - 3/24
  • The Wright Brothers by David McCullough - 5/5
  • Missoula by Jon Krakauer - 4/21
  • Melody Lingers On by Mary Higgins Clark - 5/5
  • Gathering Prey by John Sandford - 4/28
  • God Help the Child by Toni Morrison - 4/21
  • A God in the Ruins by Kate Atkinson - 5/5
  • The Dream Lover by Elizabeth Berg - 4/14
  • How to Start a Fire by Lisa Lutz  - 5/12
  • Finders Keepers by Stephen King - 6/2
  • Radiant Angel by Nelson Demille - 6/2
  • The Rumor by Elin Hildebrand - 6/16
  • Beach Town by Mary Kay Andrews - 5/19
  • Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee -7/14
  • Wicked Charms by Janet Evanovich - 6/23
  • The Naked Eye by Iris Johansen - 7/14
  • Summer Secrets by Jane Green - 6/23
  • After the Storm by Linda Castillo - 7/14

Thanks for listening!



  1. My kids are 25, 23 and 18 now, but I remember the days of the trying to get them to get themselves ready for school. One of my kids couldn't/wouldn't get himself out of bed and to the bus stop on time. I decided one time to let him, a 6th grader at the time, sleep in and refused to rush around getting him to school on time. I made sure he would be 30 minutes late, and when I checked him in I told the attendance officer (his English teacher!) that his tardiness was unexcused because he did not get up on time. He was mortified and walked away in a huff. HIs English teacher said, "Good job, mom! He'll never do that again." And he didn't!

    I think you have to decide if you want to continue prodding your daughter into getting ready, or if you want her to motivate herself. What is her currency? Does she like video games, her ipod, money, staying up later than her sister? From now on, she only gets what she wants if she gets herself organized and ready to go on time. Getting herself ready becomes her job, not yours. I have friends who are still calling their college aged kids to get them up! I know you don't want that!

    Another idea: natural consequences. Tell her what day it is, remind her she needs her library book (homework, lunch, show and tell) and If she forgets it that is her problem. Don't rush to the school with it. You have to make it her issue, not yours.

    That said, I think she is as responsible as most kids her age are. She has a lot she has to remember. One of my boys did not really become organized until after college. I took him to an organizational specialist when he as in 6th grade, and he told her it would be easier for him to change his religion than to keep track of his homework. It really is harder for some people than others.

  2. I am very organized but only after I have been up for at least an hour much better after two hours. In my 60's and have always been this way get more functional as the day progresses. Tried changing but recently gave up and go with it. :)

  3. I love the name Cakewalk for the yarn you discussed. All of the yarns you mention seem to have such great names.

    I am glad you said what you did about Toni Morrison. I have felt a great deal of guilt around not being able to get into her books and love them as much as I feel I should. Lots of 'shoulding' on myself going on. I am glad to know I am not the only one.

    My Y.M. is a disaster organizationally. It is ongoing battle. The only things that have worked are:
    1. uniforms. He has worn a uniform to school since kinder. Thus it is like Garanimals. Pick 1 from A, one from B, etc. All socks are the same, so it doesn't matter which white one he puts on. Evertything goes together, so now that he has a choice of shirt colors, they go with the pants. I know Sam is a girl and wants to express her fashion sense, but if she can't be dressed by X time, then Garanimals it is. She should earn that privilege.
    2. Shoes by the door. I also put any important papers that must not be forgotten in his shoe.
    3. You are already doing bags in the evening.
    4. Forget the checklist.
    5. She should get up, make her breakfast (my Y.M. puts a bagel in the toaster and chocolate milk in the microwave), then goes straight up to get dressed. No eating in clothes. For a long time he put on an apron over his uniform to keep it clean. He rebelled against that when he hit teenagerness.
    6. The Y. M. has other challenges so he has worked with a counselor on organizational strategies with a counselor and occupational therapist as well. This work has been going on since 2d grade and it is a constant battle OVER AND OVER AND OVER until I want to scream. Make sure Sam isn't struggling with other issues.
    7. Bribery. Earn something or take away something depending on Sam's personality. I have begun cleaning out his room of stuff he likes forcing him to earn his stuff back.
    8. I took the Y. M. to school in his pajamas. to a school where the kids wear uniforms. I called the school that morning and told them what was going on and they worked with me on it. Perhaps the teacher will work with you.
    9. Everything has to be ready before he goes to bed. Nothing happens in the morning. He had to bring his 'red folder', which was where homework, notes everything was so I could see that everything was in there.
    10. Again, pick your battles. I don't care about hair brushing, but teeth brushing is a must. The rule is that if the Y.M. wants long hair he has to take care of it. If he doesn't take care of it, he gets a cut.
    11. Clip things to the bookbag or backpack. Carabiners and other types of clips are your friend.
    12. No electronics in the morning or after half an hour before bedtime. I confiscated them for a long time.
    13. Harden your heart. She is manipulating you when she gives you that weepy look.
    14. Tell her the consequences at a time when you are not trying to get out of the house.
    15. If I have a bad moment with him, I talk about it with him later and apologize. Not at the moment, but later saying "remember when I said X...."
    16. If the Y. M. acted like a baby, he got treated like a baby
    17. If I am completely ready, except perhaps teeth brushing and breakfast, then things go a lot smoother.
    18. Y. M. has to accept the consequences of his actions or inaction. I make sure he knows in advance what the consequences are.
    Finally, pick your battles. I don't battle about his room, except that he has to straighten it up so the cleaning lady can clean in there. If it is not cleaned up, then I tell the cleaning lady to skip his room (she is there for my benefit, not his) and stand in his doorway on a Saturday while he does the cleaning to *my* satisfaction including changing sheets, vacuuming and dusting. the room gets clean, because he hates that.

    I know I sound mean, but these are the things that have worked for me; the Y. M. and I have a great relationship.


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