CGM Podcast Episode #73: Star Spangled Sammy

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Show Notes 

Life Update:

  • The weather! For fewer complaints (and a great quilty podcast, listen to Frances over at Off Kilter Quilter.
  • Sam is singing the Star Spangled Banner in her school's talent show. I'll be the proud mama in front...wearing earplugs. ;-)
F.O.'s and WIPs:
  • Mini Quilt: Scrap-collecting bird. Blog post here.
  • More Lifebook and art journal pages.
  • Duds blog post.
Email Questions answered! Thank you Linda, Carrie, Sharon, and Prithi for your emails.

Organizing book mentioned:

by Marie Kondo

Classic Movie:
The Long, Long Trailer 
with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz

Book Review:

Funny Girl by Nick Hornby

Thanks for listening!!



  1. I'm still in the beginning of your podcast when you are talking about getting ready and accepted to the talent show. You are NOT a bad mother. I call it realistic, or down to earth. I agree that you don't have to lie to your kids if you think they are not gonna ge Ariana Grande, but as long as you don't hurt their feelings it's ok! They don't have to be great, yet they still can be the best, depending on the competition! And who knows? It might have been her best decision to sing if not a lot of 2nd graders will be singing. So good on you Sam! And as Frances says the kids have to be good enough for you. What other think? Who cares!?
    I see in your show notes you'll be talking about Marie Kondo's book, I can't wait to hear your review! I just got it this week and will dive in this weekend. Of course have not watche the new season of House of Cards either... :) Ok, back to the podcast!

    1. Thanks Kati! There are only 2 kids (Sam included) from 2nd grade in the show, and she's eager to be on stage. I love her confidence and really hope it sticks with her as the years go on - and get harder. I am reading Marie Kondo's book a little at a time, I think it's my off/on guilt about being too lazy to actually DO something about the clutter LOL.

  2. I read your post about duds, but it didn't permeate until you talked about it on your podcast. I don't think duds are terrible failures. I think duds can be 'fine', pleasant, pleasing, attractive. Duds may just not be the pinnacle of what we can achieve. I find that I am really excited about a project and think it is going well and then I finish. I find I like it, but there are things I should have done differently and I move on.

    I agree with Kati that you are not a bad mother. Helping your kid realize their strengths and weaknesses is an important part of parenting. It isn't always easy and I imagine it is harder for girls, but everyone excels at something and childhood is about finding out what that something is.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jaye! I don't think they're failures either, I definitely have learned something from each of them.


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