CGM Podcast Episode #70: Don't Be Like Whitney

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Show Notes 

Life Update:
  •  I share a silly (but funny) holiday work story about gift giving...and what not to do!
F.O.'s and WIPs:
Classic Movie:
Holiday Affair with Robert Mitchum and Janet Leigh
(Please don't judge the movie by this terrible "Baby...." poster! It's really good, LOL.)

Book Review:

 Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Also mentioned:

Thanks for listening and Happy Holidays!



  1. I'm giving my mom 'The Rosie Project' for Christmas. She is a big romance novel reader, but I think she will like the book.

  2. Just picked up an ARC of The Rosie Effect at my local bookstore's giveaway. Hoping to like it as much as The Rodie Project!

  3. The reminder about insurance is helpful. I don't have particularly large stashes of fabric/yarn/art supplies compared to most, but I do have enough that it would be impossible to replace if I lost it through some disastrous event. I just checked my renter's insurance since I had no idea what coverage I picked when I got the policy over 4 years ago. I'm covered for replacement value on personal possessions, but only for $15,000. I haven't added up what the replacement value of everything my husband and I own is (including various electronics, my art/craft supplies, my approximately 13 vintage sewing machines in various states of rehabilitation, his electronics tinkering parts, power tools, hand tools etc) but I bet if things had to be entirely replaced that would barely cover household items, let alone the rest. And my husband's huge stash of transistors and diodes and integrated circuit doohickeys would probably be prohibitivly expensive to replace, even though he got most of it super cheap at an estate sale. Even things that are individually really cheap to replace would be have to be re-bought very gradually. Like embroidery floss -- I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 skeins of floss, about half of it bought for about $10 total in one lucky strike at a thrift store, and that stuff up to 40¢ a skein now. I've been meaning for a very long time to take a video inventory of the house (and store the video in a couple of off-site backup locations) but I'm thinking maybe I should get on with that, and also see about boosting my personal possessions coverage.


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