Thursday Thoughts

 Barn Quilt spotted in Garrett County, MD during my recent book club retreat!

Yes, it's been quite awhile since I did a Thursday Thoughts post. Frankly, I always have lots to say (out loud) but don't take time to jot it all down here. But we've been having a great Fall so far, and things are moving so fast (is it really almost Christmas...really?) around here, I figured I'd better take a stab at it now before the New Year creeps up on us all.

I haven't had much sewing mojo the last few weeks, but recently sat down and just started fusing and cutting fabric. I just wanted to make something, no plans, no thinking it through.

Here's a peek:

I wound up my skein of Miss Babs Yowza! yarn and cast on the Hitchhiker scarf. Sorry, no picture yet, but I now know why this is such a popular pattern - it's truly potato chip knitting! My short term memory is crap so I have to refer to the print out for row reference even though it's a very simple pattern - mostly garter stitch. I have been able to knit this one up pretty quickly while watching some new shows like, How to Get Away With Murder and The Paradise. (I'm loving both!)

If you follow me on Instagram (craftygardenmom) you'll have seen my pics from my book club retreat the first weekend in October. Here's a collage of the fun and craziness that ensued over 2 days:

The rest of what happened...well we have a "what happens at the book club retreat, stays at the book club retreat" motto, so I'm sticking to it.

I did get to stop and take a few barn quilt pics, like the one above, while driving up to the retreat in Deep Creek Lake, MD. This is in Garrett County (northwest Maryland), known for having a very nice barn quilt trail

We still have plenty of activities to come this month including soccer games, dance classes, the pumpkin patch, and of course, Halloween. Maddy wants to be (surprise, surprise) Elsa, and Sam wants be...a werewolf. And that my friends pretty much sums up my kids' personalities, except if you asked me I'd switch the costumes around based on actual behavior...wait, scratch that. Isn't Elsa the one who freezes her entire kingdom including her only surviving relative because she's had enough of them? Yeah, that's Maddy alright. 

Now that China has caught up on the production demand for all things Frozen and goods are rolling into stores, it's not too hard to find a costume these days. But this is the face a Mom makes when she finds one for 1/3 of the regular retail price due to a ticketing error:

That's because with Christmas coming and a potential "big girl" room redo into a Frozen tundra, I know Disney will be getting plenty of my money in the next 3-6 months.

Happy Fall Y'all!


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  1. Isn't your birthdayncoming up soon? :))) Those barn pics are really cool, I could tell you had the perfect weather!


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