Thursday Thoughts: "You Tube Said!"

If you haven't already, you MUST take a few minutes and watch this hilarious and oh-so-true video of my new she-doesn't-know-it-but-she-is "bestie" Linda. She sums up exactly what happens to me, and so many I know, after watching more than a few You Tube craft tutorials. Soooo funny...and true.

LOL, my favorite part was "Tim is killing me!" Hah! Me too Linda, me too....and Moda, and Fat Quarter Shop, and Michaels, and JoAnns, and all of those places I can't keep out of but should for at least a year!



  1. She is soooooo funny!! I am headed to Youtube to subscribe to her channel. I gave up scrapbooking and loaded up all my supplies and dumped them at my sister's house, but seeing all her "stuff" sure gives me a yearning for my embosser gun!! I'm hoping she has a blog I can follow too! Hahahahahaha.

  2. Yes, she is my new best friend as well!

    I received my Prize Pack today for Clockwork Orange! Thank you, I am already looking for a charm pack pattern!

    Thanks for the Challenge!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Funny but so true.

  4. I was laughing so hard my husband asked me if I was OK. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hahahaha! Oh my goodness, she was cracking me up! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I found that video a couple of months ago! She was sooo funny. Had to hit the "thumbs up" on that one.

  7. My Sista from another mista! Too true! Thanks for the share! New catalog from Hancocks of Paducka..gotta run! shelly beth


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