CGM Podcast Episode #69: Cadillac Needle Fail

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Show Notes 

Life Update:
Finished Objects:
  • Hitchhiker scarf/trouble with my "Cadillac" Signature needles
  • Designing 80s sampler quilt
  • Art journaling projects/classes
  •  Mixed media canvas
 Classic Movie:

Book Review: 

 The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters

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  1. If I understood correctly, the bar is next to the column(s) of stitches that you fixed after they dropped and unravelled, sort of like a tiny column with horizontal yarn bits between the columns of stitches? If so it's just from differing tension resulting in a little leftover yarn vs the original stitches, and after you wash and block it, it'll most likely even out a lot. I've had that happen, probably because I'm freaking out and super tense while I'm fixing it, but it's never been all that noticeable after washing/blocking.

    I've just recently started art journaling, and I'm having so much fun with it! I've been enjoying seeing the pages you've posted.

    1. Thanks for the tip Daisy, I hadn't thought about it "blocking out." Glad you're enjoying art journaling!

  2. Well well, waddayaknow! I was listening to your podcast through my bluetooth speaker :) It's not a bose one, as we are cheap in the electronics department, but serves well :))) I use it at work in my about 6x5 "office" while I fold laundry and do the ironing :) You will love yours, I'm pretty sure! Have you read the book Between shades of Grey? It's a YA book, just finished it, and liked it a lot. The story is placed to the time WWII. started, very interesting read. I'm curious what you think about it if you read it.
    Those knitting needles look like Ferraris to me :)) They are really sleek, I can only imagine what they must feel like in your hands! I checked the price, and I thought they were more expensive, LOL!


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