Banned Books Week Mini Quilt Challenge!!

I am thrilled to host another BBW mini quilt challenge with Sandy. This annual event means a lot to both of us, and it's fabulous we get to express our creativity while supporting a cause that reminds us not to take our freedoms for granted.

The challenge Sandy and I give our readers and listeners is to make a small quilt that represents one of the books on the banned or frequently challenged book list. Then you put pictures of your finished quilt in our BBW Flickr Group, which is public, so everyone can stop by and see the virtual quilt show.

And of course, what's a challenge without some prizes?!?! Head on over to Sandy's blog to see what goodies she's giving away, but over here I decided to pull from my considerable stash of book bags and offer 2 of them to a lucky 2014 participant. And if there happens to be a few fiberlicious goodies packed inside, well...let's just say my fat quarter stash is a little lighter and the winners will be pretty happy!

PRIZE: 2 WINNERS will get a "Read Banned Books" tote with some fabric (3-4 fat quarters), a quilt book, and a couple other fun goodies to enjoy while you sew!

You have through Sat. 9/27/14 to get your quilt into the Flickr Group to be eligible to win...and there's still time to make a mini if you haven't already!

Now for my quilt. Once again I pulled inspiration from a favorite childhood author, Judy Blume, and a book that meant so much to me as a preteen girl when I first read it. I think I read it about 50 times in the following 2-3 years. 

 Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret mini quilt. Book by Judy Blume.

For this quilt I used some of the symbols and themes of the book (bras/bust-size, wanting to grow up, wanting to wear makeup, questions about religion) to create applique shapes I then fused on to the background.

The title and author were hand embroidered on, as well as the little gold necklace and religious charms. Then I did stipple FMQ on the background.

Considering my very first mini quilt for this challenge in 2012 was a Judy Blume book, I may be onto a series.....?

You know I'm already thinking about Deenie, even though I don't think it's officially on the list.

So I've shown you mine, I hope you'll show us yours! Even if you're not entering this year, I encourage you to head on over to the Flickr Group and check out all of the quilts, from this year and the last two! We have had so much fun with this.



  1. I love participating in this challege. It makes me work outside my comfort zone with a topic I can get behind. I like how your theme stands out on the white background.

  2. Great quilt, Tanesha! I loved that book too. Thanks for co-hosting the challenge!

  3. I wouldl love to leave you an excellent review on ITUNES but I don't see where to do this. I love podcasts after only discovering them recently. Would you mention some for us? I'm sure I'm not the only one not in the know. If you mention how to leave feedback, I'll do that. Thanks, Hilary

  4. Thanks for another great podcast. Love listening to your updates and reviews. I was listening to you this am , on my way to work (from NJ to NYC) and when I stopped in to get my coffee the young lady at the register had on her name tag..Tanesha was her name. have a great day

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