Solitude Mini Art Quilt

She Embraces Solitude mini art quilt - 8" x 11"

Here's another mini quilt I made recently. I used some Dylusions ink spray on canvas fabric to get a mottled/dyed background. As is often the case when I'm just playing with supplies, I wasn't sure until after it dried where I was going with it. I used a Donna Downey stamp for the face and enhanced it with free motion quilting and black thread.

Then I used a matching blue thread to do a little enhancement quilting around the face and background. I felt the size of this quilt made it closer to the size of an art journal page, so as I often do in my journaling, I added a quote.

One of my favorite things to happen when making these quilts that outline a central figure or image is the quilting lines that show up on the back. 

It's like double the artwork for your effort! Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Wow, Tenesha! This is lovely! It must be so nice to have all your years of different kinds of artistic practice result in such a beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is wonderful! I love how you captured the quote so well in the quilting and face.

  3. Really like how you used warm colours on back and cool on front. Totally changes her look.


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