Inner Diva Mini Art Quilt

Inner Diva art quilt 11" x 17"

Another mini quilt I made this month, playing around with scraps and converting drawings in my sketchbook. I like her sassy pose!

Funny enough, the chandelier was the fussiest part to do in fusible applique. I ended up taking a black and white stock image off the internet, tracing it onto fusible web, and then having to edit all of the little bibs-and-bobbles on the drawing down. Otherwise cutting it out would have been a nightmare, leaving me with a stringy black mess.

I may have to do more of these girls wearing high heeled shoes, I think they're so cute.

I always come up with a quote or theme for the quilt after most of it is complete. She kept saying "inner diva" to me with her hands on hips pose, and flirty dress. I think we all have a little bit of that inner diva in us, don't you? Mine comes out if they mess up my drink order at Starbucks (that's a Venti 4 pump skinny vanilla latte with 1 scoop of ice, thanks!) or I'm wearing any shoes with a heel higher than 1 inch (twice a year, maybe). And like this girl, as long as I'm not mean about it, I embrace it. Two snaps!

What about you, when does your inner diva come out?



  1. She is as awesome as you are, my friend!

  2. So sassy looking! I think this is amazing.

  3. OMG this quilt is amazing and awesome. The caption matches the "picture" and the quilting enhances it all. Is the background fabric batik or hand dyed? (I'm a pretty newish quilter so sometimes it's hard for me to tell). Love it!

    1. The background is actually a commercial print, made to look hand dyed Diane. It's one I've had in my stash awhile. Thanks for stopping by and the compliment!

  4. I love seeing all of these art quilts that you are doing. Great job of putting the fabrics and quotes together.

  5. I love this! I love the way you're doing the words as well. Very "magnetic poetry," and I really like it. If I have an inner diva, she's snoring (very unladylike) in a corner somewhere today...


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