Low Volume Quilt Top

Top is completed, I will probably quilt this one myself. Here are a few close ups:

It all looks the same, right? LOL, I guess that's kind of the point when you're pulling fabrics for this kind of quilt. There are plenty of pale pinks and sky blues blended in, and I also used a lot of text prints which are a current favorite of mine (it seems as if I'm trying to collect ALL of them). I plan to back this quilt using some of the popular text print from IKEA - I have about 8 yards of it "on reserve: for just such a project! I'd be more embarrassed about my fabric hoarding tendencies if I didn't know so many other quilters are doing the same thing. And considering when I bought my 8 yards, another quilter was cutting about the same amount from another bolt..... 
Those poor, clueless non-quilters who just want to make some 2-3 yard curtains with it........hee-hee-hee.

One more pic with my helper holding it up!



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