Yankee Doodle Owl Mini Quilt

I've had this little guy on my "to make" list for awhile now. I finally put fusible to fabric on Friday night, and then wrote up the pattern for Craftsy on Saturday morning. Boom.

You can find the pattern here. I buy the little wood easels at an art supply store, but I've seen them in many places including JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, AC Moore, and even the dollar store.

Hope you have a Happy 4th!


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Low Volume Quilt Top

Top is completed, I will probably quilt this one myself. Here are a few close ups:

It all looks the same, right? LOL, I guess that's kind of the point when you're pulling fabrics for this kind of quilt. There are plenty of pale pinks and sky blues blended in, and I also used a lot of text prints which are a current favorite of mine (it seems as if I'm trying to collect ALL of them). I plan to back this quilt using some of the popular text print from IKEA - I have about 8 yards of it "on reserve: for just such a project! I'd be more embarrassed about my fabric hoarding tendencies if I didn't know so many other quilters are doing the same thing. And considering when I bought my 8 yards, another quilter was cutting about the same amount from another bolt..... 
Those poor, clueless non-quilters who just want to make some 2-3 yard curtains with it........hee-hee-hee.

One more pic with my helper holding it up!



Low Volume Weekends

After so many weeks of being on the go-go-go, it's nice to be able to slow it down for a weekend in. It helps when, because of the rain, you can't even get to the pool. And let's be honest, for a parent with little kids, going to the pool comes with it's own long list of things to do and remember before you even get there.

This past weekend was more of a "stay inside and find something to do while Mom tries to squeeze in a little sewing" kind of weekend. This was not met with much enthusiasm by my children who, about 2 minutes after breakfast, declared themselves bored to tears, wanting somewhere to go. Not even watching the movie Frozen for the 635th time could entice them to sit still beyond the "Let It Go" song. Poor Olaf. Mom on the other hand would have been perfectly happy snuggling down into the couch to catch up on video podcasts and Orange is the New Black. 

While I ended up mostly playing board games like Candy Land and Disney's Eye Found It, I did manage to squeeze in some sewing time and work on this low volume patchwork I've had in the WIP pile for several months.

I used 2.5" strips from my stash and randomly sewed this scrappy quilt together. I didn't think it would even turn out this big, more of a crib size, but I guess it's a testament to my huge stash since I still have enough fabric in this palette left over to make 1-2 more of this size. Yikes. In hindsight I should have used more blues than pinks to be able to knock 1 of the 2 baby boy quilts I need to make as gifts. This quilt leans much more baby girl to me, and I also tend to use much brighter colors for baby quilts. I may actually quilt this one myself, since it falls under my own cutoff of "larger than a lap quilt" for sending them to a longarm quilter.

I also used this quieter weekend to sit and sketch. I have challenged myself to sketch everyday in June (30 sketches), and have been able to keep up with it since I have a slim sketchbook that fits into my handbag and use just a mechanical pencil in it. Here are a few of my latest sketches:

I'm having so much fun, learning a lot, and working out my next steps of taking these from the page to the sewing machine. I only need about 10 more low volume weekends like this one to make it happen!



What We're Reading This Month


Fat Vampire by Adam Rex

Vintage by Susan Gloss

The Other Typist by Suzanne Rindell

The Sweet Spot by Stephanie Evanovich
(on sale 7/8, I am reading an advance copy)

Samantha (age 7):

 Stella Batts by Courtney Sheinmel

Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Maddy (age 3):

A Little Prairie House adapted from Laura Ingalls Wilder

The Best Nest by PD Eastman

The Giant Jam Sandwich by John Vernon Lord

What are you reading this month?



CGM Podcast Episode #65: A Recap and a Rant

Listen to the episode here

Show Notes 

Life Update:
  • Anniversary Trip to St. Croix
    • Buck Island National Monument - sorry I called it a National Park in the episode! It is indeed a monument, operated by the National Park Service...go figure!
  • Book Expo America recap
WIPs and FOs:
  • Billie Holiday art quilt - see previous blog post for pics and recap
  • Still sketching!
  • I'm making a Moneta dress this summer, by participating in the Moneta Sew-along. Pattern is from Colette Patterns. Check out their blog here (lots of great sewing tips and info.)
  • Knit socks and Rainbow Baktus scarf on hiatus for a bit while I get my knitting mojo back
A Rant: Don't Be an A-hole in Sewing (or life for that matter)
  • Shonda Rhimes commencement speech
  • Sew Together Bag - Craftsy pattern
  • Bionic Gear Bag
  • Comment below on what you think: A-hole move or just one pattern designer putting her stuff out there?
    • NOT mentioned in my rant, but I should have added that I in NO WAY support any of the hate being thrown either pattern designers way over this issue. Seriously, my main hope is that we can all play nice and that also goes for the buyers of patterns and blog "fans" who can get a little rabid or mean-spirited in their comments when trying to show support for one designer over another.
Classic Movie:

with Robert Redford and Jane Fonda
Book Review:

by Kate Alcott

Thanks for listening!



Lady Day Art Quilt

It's been awhile since I made a larger art quilt, and now that the feelings of pride and satisfaction are running through me, I'm eager to get started on my next one.

I've already told the story behind the inspiration for this Billie Holiday quilt here, and I'm so pleased with how it turned out.

I used fusible applique when collaging the hand dyed and batik fabrics to my silicone sheet with the outline of Billie Holiday's face underneath. 

While I do use my own shortcuts and "make-it-work" methods, this is really a pretty simple method and you can learn the basics from Susan Carlson's wonderful books and workshops OR Esterita Austin.

I used Misty Fuse fusible web for all of the quilt collage. I wouldn't say it's my favorite fusible web product (Wonder Under is), but 2 things: I have a boatload of it to use up, and I wasn't sure how much hand-stitching I would be doing in the finishing of this quilt.

Close-up of her hair (black music note fabric)
For me, the biggest benefit of Misty Fuse is that, of all the fusible webs out there, it tends to keep the softest hand to the fabric after fusing. But for reals, it can be a royal pain in the you-know-what to work with, especially if you aren't sure how much fabric you need to use and you may end up with a lot of pre-fused fabric left over. This is fine if, like me, you do fusible applique a lot. If not, you may need to find a quick and scrappy project to use it all up.

Close-up of dress straps, also music note fabric.
Some of the personal touches I added to this quilt were the use of the music note fabric in her hair and dress. I also applied a little blush on her cheeks (yes, real makeup blush) and a light amount of acrylic paint to even out some of the variations in the neck fabric. So I guess technically I could call this a mixed media quilt!

It looks great in my bedroom sitting area and like I said, I'm already planning my next one in my Jazz Art Quilt series: either Duke Ellington or Dizzy Gillepsie...she's gotta have some musical accompaniment, right?

Thanks for stopping by!


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