A Finish and a Sheep Show

I finished this scarf last week, but heavy rain kept me from getting good pictures. This is the Wavy Baktus scarf, an adaptation of the original Baktus scarf by Stikkelise.

I cast on this scarf 4/13 and finished about 4/28...a record for me, I think! There was just something about the simplicity of the pattern and the variagation in the yarn that made it very "potato chip" knitting for me.

The yarn is 1 skein of Crazy Zauberball in the IndischRosa colorway. I loved knitting with this yarn, and am so glad I purchased a 2nd ball in the Rainbow colorway to make another scarf. It is very soft and supple to the hand, and the saturation of color throughout the ball is wonderful.

To knit this scarf you need to be able to knit, purl, yarn over (YO), knit or purl 2 together, knit or purl into the front or back loop. All simple stitches to do, easy to find video tutorials on them. The pattern is also very simple to memorize, and that's coming from someone who admits her short-term memory is for shit, LOL.

On Saturday, Samantha and I attended the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. She was so excited, because I'd signed her up for a beginner's "Quick to Knit" class. The instructor was very nice and patient, and had already cast on and knit several rows on each student's knitting needles.

This way they could jump right in with the knitting, and get a sense of accomplishment after just a few rows. I liked this because Sam gets frustrated very easily when she can't do something right the first time, and learning to cast on and then knit can take awhile to learn. However, now that she's caught the knitting bug and I've had to cast on new stitches for her about 50 times since Saturday, I'll be teaching her how to cast on herself very soon!


This wasn't the first year I've been to MD Sheep & Wool so I didn't take many pictures of the sheep, but I did enjoy the yarn bombing of the trees and fence as you entered/exited the fairgrounds.

The purple tree was Sam's favorite, of course!

I also didn't buy very much, was more of a window shopper. I think since I'm a slow knitter and work mostly on 1 project at a time, I feel my stash is at a good point for what I'm going to knit between now and next year's festival. Funny how I can apply this philosophy to my knitting, not my sewing.

I couldn't resist finally buying a skein of the "famous" Miss Bab's Yarn...and by the length of her line to check out, I use famous not so jokingly. Her booth was packed, but it was in a good corner location with a wide opening so a lot of people could fit in. I decided on this huge skein of Yowza-Whatta Skein! 100% Superwash Merino "Hand-Painted" in the Nosturtiums colorway. I love the vibrabcy of the oranges, yellows, and hints of green in this skein. It's enough to make a Hitchhiker scarf, and I plan to cast it on soon. It feels (and smells) so good, I can't wait to knit with it. As many people who saw me holding just 1 skein in line said, I'm sure I'll be back for more next year!

Hope you have a great week!




  1. What a beautiful scarf! I love that Sam has caught the knitting bug, and my she is getting big. What a beautiful girl.

  2. Beautiful scarf, beautiful yarn, and beautiful daughter! Sounds like a great Mom-Daughter day. And you also made me want to check the date of the fiber festival near me that I went to last year. I haven't done a lot with the rovings I bought that time but I do know a little more about it this time! Still n' all, not going to knit. :-)

  3. I miss MDS&W festival. I went each year while in the Northern VA area!! I made a weekend of the event...celebrating my BD. BTW, I love me some "Ms Babs" yarn!!!!


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