WIP Wednesday: Sidetracked As Usual

So the first sock I knit turned out way too big on the top of my foot. Either my gauge changes as I knit, or I completely flubbed the math, but I'm going to have to decrease the number of stitches by about 6-8 to have it fit more snugly.

While I plan to pick up and knit the second sock soon (I'm not re-knitting the first sock, just calling it a "learning curve project"), I've been knitting everyday on this scarf:

Pattern: Wavy Baktus by Frollein Rosenresli

I'm using the skein of Zauberball I purchased in Lancaster during the quilt retreat. It's a dream to knit with, and now I know why it's in such high demand! My favorite part of using this particular yarn is anticipating the color changes and gradation as they appear in the knitted fabric. 

In other news, check here very soon for the 2 Outlander patterns I've submitted to Fandom! I'm so excited about this, even if it is a "fly by the seat of my pants/I'm just a big Outlander fan who happens to quilt" kind of project. Daisy is also working on some patterns, and I have several more in finishing/testing stages now. Thank you for your interest and patience as we pull this together around all the other projects I optimistically work on.


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