WIP Wednesday: Baltimore Fall

I bought a Baltimore album block-of-the-month kit at the Houston Quilt Festival last fall. It was an expensive impulse purchase, but I've seen the pattern several times over the years in Keepsake Quilting catalog, and loved it immediately. It has a Fall theme (my favorite season) for Pete's sake! Seeing the finished sample close up in the booth, and the last kit just sitting there by its lonesome on the shelf, I had to do it.

I finished block 1 last week, and have started cutting out the pieces to block 2. I doubt I'll keep up with it by doing a block every month, but I am eager to see this hanging on my entryway walls one day.

Here's what else I've got going on:
  • Outlander blocks 1 and 2 are out for pattern testing. Almost finished drafting blocks 3 and 4.
  • Low volume quilt: I'm participating in a swap to get more variety in my fabrics for this quilt.
  • Drafted a pattern for a new art quilt series...this is going to be fun!
  • Knitting: Spectra scarf. I am on 60/84 wedges, although I may run out of the solid color yarn (black) before I get to wedge 84.
Trying not to get too off course with the projects I know I want to complete this year, but it already feels a bit crazy around here. My word of the week is: FOCUS. So hard to do when there's so much rattling around in my head that I want to get going on.

I recently finished reading Seams Unlikely by Nancy Zieman. While I felt it ran a bit long on details in some parts, I enjoyed it overall. I am so impressed by how she overcame so many physical and mental struggles that started at an early age. She is a true inspiration to us all. I also enjoyed her nuggets of business wisdom she imparted in the last 1/3 of the book, highlighting things she learned about running a business and managing people as a family to get the best from them.

Hope you're having a productive and focused week!




  1. Your Baltimore fall BOM kit looks lovely - have fun working on it. Thanks for the Seams Unlikely by Nancy Zieman recommendation; sounds like something I need to read. Good luck staying focused!

  2. your first block is lovely. I hope you add some of your hand dyes just to make the piece a little different.

    I have always wanted to do an Baltimore Album Quilt as well, but after taking a hand applique' class a zillion years ago from Ellie Sienkiewicz, I knew that hand applique wasn't for me. The patterns are so gorgeous, though! I could try doing one block using machine applique', but the project may have lost its appeal for me. We'll see.

    1. Thanks Jaye! I don't do hand applique either, I fused it all down after seeing the sample in the booth was also fused down and still looked gorgeous to me. The pumpkins and leaves have some of my hand dyed fabric in them.

  3. I totally love your block Tanesha! When you buy an applique pattern, do they also tell you what method to use, or it's totally up to you?


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