WIP Wednesday: Adventures in Art Journaling

I've mentioned on my podcast that this year my creative focus will be on improving my art skills and techniques, and expanding my education through a series of online classes in art journaling, mixed media, and drawing.

I am currently taking a class with Donna Downey, 48 Weeks, and the weekly lessons are teaching me so many new things with art supplies! I am getting my hands dirty again, playing with acrylics, fibers, stencils, stamps, paper, and even toilet paper rolls have made an appearance. The possibilities of translating what I'm learning and doing in my art journal into fabric and quilts are mind boggling...several times I really did think my head would explode with ideas.

Here is my current art journal WIP:

I am still working on the face (need to get her skin tone right) and then will add final touches to the page. The journal I'm using is a Moleskine Folio Notebook A3. This is the largest size journal they make, it is a whopping 16.5" x 11.75" closed, so double that when opened and laying flat. I must admit that is one large and scary blank page to look at when you're getting started! I'm used to working in the more standard size journals, but the benefit to this larger size is you have more room to paint, and I find it easier to work on a slightly larger or realistic scale, than having to "shrink down" objects to fit a small page.

In any case, I'm having fun! Watch this space for more to come.



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