What We're Reading This Month

Welcome to the first "What I'm Reading This Month" post of 2014! If you're new to my blog, or just never paid much attention to my more "bookish" posts before, once a month I fill my readers in on a few of the books from my personal reading pile (vs. my work reading pile which is, frankly, obnoxiously high) I plan to read. 

I've decided to change things up a bit this year. For several months in 2013, in addition to my own reading, I posted what my girls (age 2 and 6) were reading. This was to help out other parents with some book choices for younger children, with both new titles and older classics. These were pretty popular posts, and I still get emails with questions for book suggestions for kids of all ages. I LOVE talking about books, and helping other people (not just parents) find a book for a kid in their life.

So to save time going forward, I am going to combine the 2 posts and do a general "What We're Reading This Month" that will include 3-4 books I have planned, as well as several books the girls will be reading, either together (with my almost 3 yr old) or reading to me (the almost 7 yr old).

 The Spirit Thief by Rachel Aaron

Cress by Marissa Meyer

David & Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell

Samantha (age 7, reading level 2nd-3rd grade):

 Weird School series by Dan Gutman

Nancy Drew Clue Crew series by Carolyn Keene

Maddy (age 3):

Let's Read with Dora!, 6 stories. 

Note: when reading with my kids at about age 2-3 I start pointing to the words as I read the story. This is (IMO) a good way for them to start recognizing story-flow, word structure, letters, etc...all things having to do with reading/early learning and prep for reading themselves.

 Llama Llama Time to Share by Anna Dewdney

What are you reading this month? What are the kids reading?




  1. I just saw the Nancy Drew movie the other day and now curious how the books are! And love llama llama books! :))) thank you for the suggestions, Tanesha!

  2. Hey, I'm reading David and Goliath too! I really enjoy Malcolm Gladwell - he always has a different take on things.

  3. We love the llama llama books! We've started on shorter chapter books here with lil'man (hes 5-1/2) - his favorites are Roscoe Riley and Captain Awesome. I'm reading Curtsies & Conspiracies.

  4. great, your articel is nice and make me know about that, thanks


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