CGM Podcast Episode #58: Merry and Bright

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Show Notes 

Life Update:

  • A bit of sad news to start, but I move right into WIPs and FOs
  • Christmas anticipation
F.O.'s and WIPs:
 Other Events Happening This Month:
Boxing Day Sew In!! 
Please visit Sandy's blog at Quilting for the Rest of Us for details on this fun day of sewing 12/26. I will be having a giveaway too, so watch this space for something good. 

See my previous blog post for details AND prizes.

Classic Movie Review: Christmas classics like It's a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol, and Holiday Inn are my favorites this time of year. I also couldn't miss out on mentioning the passing of a wonderful actor AND the co-lead with Audrey Hepburn in my 1st classic movie review, Peter O'Toole. He starred in one of my all-time favorite movies, How to Steal a Million.  

Book Review: My top 5 reads of 2013!
The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion 
The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd (on sale 1/7/14) 
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini
Me Before You by JoJo Moyes

Thanks for listening and Merry Christmas!



  1. Tanesha, I have a book related request for you. With your daughter being quite bright, you may be running into this issue soon, so I'll get you thinking early! I teach first grade. I've got some really high readers, they are beyond the Junie B Jones, Calendar Mystery, A to Z Mystery type books. Do you have any suggestions for books for young children that can read very well? I'm looking for newer books. I've got the Little House series, and EB White books, etc. The struggle is that these kids can read books that are well beyond their development, but also beyond their interest....Thanks!

    1. Hi Amy Laura, thanks for this comment, it's one I do get asked often. I think getting them started with Beverly Cleary, Judy Blume Superfudge series, Andrew Clements, early Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books (Clue Crew), Encyclopedia Brown, and Cressida Cowell books (How to Train Your Dragon...) would all be good. I have also got Sam started on reading some early nonfiction books since she loves animals and learning about people. We've had some great discussions about these books and MANY new words come up in them that just don't in fiction....heck, I'm even learning stuff LOL. The other thing I've found is to check her comprehension of even the "easier" books she blows through. She definitely can read all of the words, but her teacher and I are working on her actually being able to retell the story with a beginning, middle, and end, and the main theme or plotline. Sometimes she has to go back and re-read it more slowly to be sure she isn't just reading words aloud. I am planning to do more posts this year on this topic, as I'm sent emails frequently with book suggestions and the trickiest part is making sure the content is age appropriate while maintaining an advanced readers interest, no? Hope that helps some, and thanks for stopping by!

  2. Again, so sorry about your friend, Tanesha. Hugs n prayers to you and her family.

  3. Well - a little late, but Merry Christmas Tanesha. The reading of Good and Perfect Gifts was just so lovely. Thank you. And since it is now January, wishing you just the very best 2014. Your podcast is a gift to your listeners.


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