What I'm Reading This Month

I passed my 2013 reading goal of 80 books last month! Having some fun catching up on several books I've had on my nightstand for a very long time.

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

 Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren

What are you reading this month?



  1. Just finished up the Outlander series (again) and now on to the The Cousins War series (starting with Lady of the Rivers) by Philippa Gregory.

  2. I just finished Dark Places by Gillian Flynn (of Gone Girl fame). This truly was a dark book. She has a way of writing books where I don't like ANY of the characters, seriously flawed, horrible people. But I kept listening to the end.

  3. Reading Critical Mass by Sara Paretsky and really enjoying I.

  4. I just finished Belonging by Alexandra Raife. It had been on my list for awhile, but I thought it was meh. I am currently reading Cathy Lamb's A Different Kind of Normal. It is a relief to read one of her books that is not about domestic abuse.

  5. Resisting reading all the Goodreads descriptions on your reads. My list is getting too long! Just started The Last Runaway by Tracy Chevalier for my book club. Enjoying it so far. -Laura

  6. Thank you for the Quilt Fest Review. It was a wonderful time for me too. I am interested in learning more about the silk fusion/fabric webbing you discussed on your pod cast. Going to try some google play to learn more about the technique. Glad your sweet daughter in unbound by her rubber bands LOL My son once wrapped a elastic band around his big toe..and woke me in tears cause his toe hurt. DAH! Amazing night time entertainment! I so enjoy hearing about your girls! I am saving the book, "The Rosie Project", as my Christmas gift to me and will down load it. Christmas is hard for me...I happily share my sons, DIL and grands with others. Thanksgiving is a two for holiday plus 3 birthdays thrown in to the mix. Christmas morning is sad and quiet but better they are 1000 miles away and happy than across the street and sad! Thanks for sharing you time and talents with us. Shelly Beth (who finishes lots but does not know how to post them).

  7. I recently read The Rosie Project in one afternoon! Loved it!


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