WIP Wednesday: Binding

I am in the homestretch of completing a very old (10+ years) UFO. Sewing on binding is probably my least favorite part of the quilting process, but like a lot of things we don't like, it's good for me. Yes, I said "me" and not the quilt. 

By this I mean that while I don't really enjoy this type of hand sewing, it forces me to slow down, be calm and methodical, and take my time finishing a quilt that I have grown to love again, after having been at the bottom of my UFO pile for years.

While I bind, I am also watching episode after episode of Bomb Girls. This fantastic series is about the women who work at a munitions factory during World War 2.  Have any of you seen it yet? I am almost through Season 1, and can't wait to see Season 2. I've had this on my "What to Watch While You Wait For Downton Abbey to Start Again" list for quite awhile, but Daisy reminded me of it in one of her past podcast episodes. Thanks Daisy!

So besides the binding I have only 8 blocks left to make in my spiderweb quilt, then the squaring up of all 100 blocks will commence...as well as making sure it actually is big enough to cover my king size bed the way I want it to. I may need some extra wine if it turns out I have to make more of these string-pieced blocks..."so" over it!

What are you working on this week?


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  1. very pretty colors in your quilt! it still looks fresh. =) I love the binding phase, personally! one of the reasons is exactly what you described about it - slowing down and focusing. I have a bunch to do this weekend and am looking forward to it. good luck with yours. you're almost there!

  2. Binding's not much fun - but how fabulous will you feel when you have an old WiP completely finished!!

  3. Once you have the quilt finished you will be so happy that it is finally done. It's such a pretty one too! I will have to check out the Bomb Girls.

  4. I hate putting binding on - I've only made two doll quilts but the binding part has definitely been the worst part of both of them. You'll be so pleased to have that UFO done and dusted. 10 years old!


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