Thursday Thoughts: When You Want to Quilt More Than Anything Else....

Like a lot of quilter's, I find myself thinking about quilting a lot....like, a LOT a lot. I also consider myself a knitter and have a deep love for yarn and fiber, but I will always come back to fabric and thread as my main craft of choice.

And while I consider myself a pretty well-rounded person, with a lot of interests outside the crafting world- someway, somehow, quilting or the thought of it, seeps its way into my daily life. I think the only thing I think or talk about more would be books...and a lot of that has to do with the fact I think and talk about them for a paycheck.

But I really really love quilting, and often it's what I'd rather be doing more than anything at that moment. And sometimes I may sound a little nuts to a non-quilter (Muggle as Frances says)

Here's what happens when you like quilting more than...

The Outdoors
"Hey, it's a beautiful day out, let's take a walk!"
You: "Today is a designated sewing day, the first I've had in months. I'll open a window."

"Hey, you look a little tired. Fun night?"
You: "I was up late finishing a quilt. Before I knew it, it was 2 am."

"Have you seen that quilt everyone's Pinning? It's gorgeous!"
You: "I know, I love it! I bought the pattern and I'm adding it to my "quilts-I-want-to-make" list. I should be able to get to it in...23 years."

"I'm headed to IKEA, want to come?"
You: "Oh sure! I've been meaning to get another bookshelf for my stash...and there's this cute rolling cart I want to see in person before I buy it...and I need some backing fabric....wait, maybe we should take my van."

"Mom, what's for dinner?"
You: "1-800-Dominos"

"Maybe we should try yellow in the family room."
You: "Yellow?!?! I don't have any quilts that go with yellow walls!"

Chatting on the Phone
"So what do you think?"
You: "Huh?..oh sorry! I was trying to figure out why my tension is off...what were you saying?"

"Hey, let's get it on."
You: "WAIT! Pull the quilt back first, sheesh!"

Cleaning House
You: "Just don't invite anyone over for the next 3 months!"

Going to a Party
"Hey, so-and-so is throwing a party, want to go?"
You: "I only have 99 more triangles to sew together...so I'll pass."

"Boy, that new workout I'm doing burns a lot of calories."

You: "I count my sewing machine motor as calories burned."

Sending Email
"You don't have to put everything in caps. You got into a popular quilting class, I get it."
You: "NO YOU DON'T GET IT! IT'S WITH VELDA NEWMAN!!! VELDA.FREAKING.NEWMAN!" (insert favorite teacher here)

"So...I can't talk about quilts anymore. What else have you been up to?"
You: Silence.

And this is what it's like inside my head a little too often. Share your quilting-trumps-all experiences below, I'd love to know I'm not the only crazy one around here! ;-)

Happy Thursday!


  1. So glad I am not the only one having some of those conversations!!!

  2. OMG all the time!! Now we just need to get the muggles to think like us!

  3. Dang, we need a 12 Step program!! We got it bad!

  4. Hilarious! Been there, done that, including pulling the quilt back first! ;-)

  5. When knitting my kids will ask for something and have learned to say: "I know - as soon as you finish your row..." When quilting the famous question: "Is that for me?" I love my boys!

  6. Thanks for making me laugh, Tanesha!

  7. I think you have it covered, though I do take my sketch notebook with me to my supervisor meetings so I can plan while waiting for her, which many times I do.

  8. On vacation:
    "Why are you driving down this road? I don't think this is the way to the Grande Canyon?"
    You: "Not the right way? Hmmm - oh look! Is that a quilt store?"

  9. Hee hee! The ONLY time I figure what I'm doing is more important than eating is when I'm quilting.


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