CGM Podcast #55: Tell Them Nothing

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Show Notes 

Life Update:
  • Having lots of fall fun with the family
  • Upcoming "kids free" weekend so hubs and I are hitting the road for a wild and crazy time...furniture shopping!
  • Planning a family Disney land/sea trip in 2015...we will tell our kids NOTHING about it until the day we set sail.
  • Someone hold me back from putting everything but the booth curtains in my suitcase when I get to Quilt Festival.

WIPs and FOs:
  • Spiderweb quilt...I'm back to 85"ish" blocks and explain why
  • Thinking of making a Modern Maples quilt
  • In Threes cardigan for Sam is almost done!
  • I've published a pattern on Craftsy and will have several more this year.
Book that helped me learn computer generated drawings for my patterns:  

 EQ6 Applique Drawing by Angie Padilla

Classic Movie Review:

 Bell, Book and Candle
with James Stewart and Kim Novack

Book Review:

Release Me by J Kenner 

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  1. Meant to post about the homework thing awhile ago...I think there's something going on with teachers and homework lately. When I wen to the open house for the 8th grade and 10th grade, the theme I kept hearing all night long was that the teachers didn't want to give too much homework...they know how busy everyone is, etc...I don't really get this way of thinking; seems like they don't want to bother the parents somehow. Maybe they get too many calls from parents during the year, I have no idea. It just sort of goes against my natural way of thinking about school?? I always thought homework was part of school and it should be assigned nightly. The teachers kept mentioning giving the kids time in class to do the homework. I'm happy to say that my kids do indeed have some homework (10th grader in particular with her AP History class) but it sounds like maybe your daughter's school needs to step it up a bit.

  2. Another fabulous podcast. I love the image of you knitting a cardigan with your sweet little Sam watching over your shoulder, perhaps dreaming of her own first knitting project.


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