Bye-Bye 30s

"The first forty years of life give us the text: the next thirty supply the commentary." - Arthur Schopenhauer

I turn 40 tomorrow. It's a little hard to believe I will actually be the age I once declared to my mother "I will NEVER turn 40!" on her 40th birthday (sorry Mom!).

I'm a little sad to leave my 30s. Not because I'm getting older, but because the last 10 years have been so amazing. Some of the most life-changing events I will ever experience happened in my 30s.

I got married.

We bought a house.
I had my first baby.

I started a blog.
I started a podcast.

I had my second baby.

Along the way I matured into the woman I am today, and feel I will continue to be well into my "golden" years. It's funny because while I have always been a goal setter, I kind of figured I'd want to slow things down a bit by now. But I can still think of so many things I want to see and do both personally and with my family. 

I am so excited for these years to come!



  1. Here's an early "Happy Birthday"! I can honestly say that my 40s were the very best years of my life. I had some challenges but I grew and made some amazing life choices that brought me enormous joy. Enjoy tomorrow and all the tomorrows that follow!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! I'm enjoying my thirties too – they really have been the best years of my life so far. Here's hoping your forties are even more awesome than your thirties!!

  3. It's early but "Happy Birthday!". You've had an amazing adventure so far in this life and I'm here to tell you from experience it just keeps getting better! It takes about 40 years to learn who you really are and become comfortable and confident with yourself. Once you achieve that, it just keeps getting better and better. You are so going to enjoy your 40's. Have fun and enjoy this next stage in your life!

  4. Happy Birthday Tanesha! Keep going strong in everything you do, especially podcasting!!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Tanesha! Enjoy Quilt Festival! And keep up the great work! (And I love that wedding picture!)

  6. Happy birthday. Enjoy the journey.

  7. Happy early 40th Birthday and may it be a day filled with family, friends and lots of cake!

  8. Happy birthday, my dear! I hope it's a most fantabulous day! I think the 40s are great--I say this as someone about to turn--gasp!--50. Enjoy every minute! xoxo frances

  9. Tanesha, you share a birthday with my dear sister, her son who turned 30 this year, and our brother's daughter. Three family birthdays on October 29! Hope your day was especially happy! When I hit your milestone, my mother reminded me that "Life begins at 40." Twenty years later, I have to say that Mom knew best as life certainly stays interesting and gets richer through the years. Enjoy the Quilt a Festival. Can't wait to hear about it!

  10. Happy Birthday to a Lovely Lady! Have fun in Houston!


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