So Much For The Diet....

The fabric diet that is. Since I'll be going to the Houston Intl. Quilt Festival this Fall I've been trying to save up my fabric purchases for the show. And I'd been doing fine, until I came across these lovelies in JoAnns (while buying thread!)....

These are prints from Tim Holtz's new line, Eclectic Elements.

As a (lapsed) scrapbooker, I am very familiar with Tim Holtz's name in the paper and stamping world. I must have missed the news from last Quilt Market when this line from Coats & Clark was displayed.

It hits all the right fiber buttons for me right now... I could buy yards and yards of this tape measure print alone. (I didn't, I saved you some).

And don't get me started on the text prints....faaab-u-lous! (she says in a high pitched voice). The popularity of text and low volume quilts will make these prints a must-have in many a quilters' stash.

And if you love clocks, or have been waiting to make a steampunk quilt, well, Tim has that locked down in paper-form so it doesn't surprise me at all he included them in this line.

For JoAnn Fabrics, this is not an inexpensive quilting fabric line to carry at $14.99 per yard (currently on sale for 40% off). However, I am so happy to see them embracing more designers with a great eye for graphics that can be used in quilts, added to their assortment. Grab some of this line quickly, it will sell out fast!



  1. It happens to the best of us, Tanesha.

  2. Love the fabrics....I hear them calling my name!!! I will be at the Houston Quilt Show too. Maybe we could do a podcast meet and eat and greet! I was also saving $$ for the HQS but silk screening called my name...and a Cameo Silhouette for making stencils answered the call!
    Love hearing about Sam and her doll..so sweet...and yes funny too. Thanks for sharing your times and talents.

  3. Absolutely lovely!!!! You better be saving up for our Houston trip sister :)

  4. As a Tim fan myself, I will have to go check this out - didn't know that JoAnn's even sold fabric for 14.99 a yard in the first place. I haven't been there for a while - good excuse to go! :)

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