F.O: She Art Mini Quilt #1

After weeks of being in a "creative pause" I am so happy to get caught up in a large gust of inspiration. I have been taking an online class, the She Art Workshop with Christy Thomlinson, and fell instantly in love with these quirky girls and the mixed media techniques she goes over in great detail. While Christy primarily works with canvas, paper, and paints to create the girls, I immediately began working out how this could translate into fabric.

Here is my first mini quilt of a She Art girl:

 "She didn't care if it was perfect"
7" x 12"

The background is made with one of my own hand dyed fabrics in a pale gray. Then I used stamps, stencils, and acrylic paint to add texture to it. 

I used some Kaffe Fassett fabric scraps for her dress. A signature of the She Art girls is the little quotes or "She Phrases." For this one, being my first She Art girl, and using a different medium than a painter's canvas used in the class, I knew going in it wasn't going to be "perfect." 

This can be hard for anyone starting a new process or technique. You want it to turn out a certain way, or look like the samples you've seen that got you excited to try in the first place. But we have to let go of that need for perfection when we're still in the beginning stages - heck I didn't even have half the supplies I "thought" I needed to do this - I'm a sewer not a painter!

So I decided to let go and enjoy the process. Got my hands dirty. Thought several times along the way I was messing up a perfectly good piece of hand dyed fabric.

For her face, arms, and legs I used another piece of hand dyed fabric with a text print stamp. I think this is my favorite part of her - the subtle texture the text adds to her skin. Her hair is made of a bark print fabric from my stash.

And I love the dressform stamp I found in the clearance bin at Michaels. I was even happy that a little spritz paint experiment I tried went wrong and left a stain on the dressform...I'm calling it the vintage look, LOL. Again, not perfect, but by this point I was having so much fun with this girl, I really didn't care.

So that's what I've been up to! I already have several more She Art mini quilts in process and will share them soon, so watch this space. 

Happy Crafting!



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