Playing Around

Thank you all so much for the kind words in the comments to my last post. I appreciate the concern, understanding, and cyber-hugs that have come my way and my friend's way as well.

This weekend we have company coming so I won't be around much, but I am going to work on 1 or 2 small ideas I've had rattling around in my head for awhile. It may get a little messy because I'll be playing with these items:

Inktense Pencils, rubber stamps, acrylic paint, text print cotton fabric, paintbrushes

And I'll also be trying to sneak in the last episode of my new online TV "obsession" The Great British Sewing Bee. Have you watched this yet? It's a 4 episode contest that aired last year in the UK on BBC Two. Amateur sewers take on various challenges as they compete to be named Britain's best home sewer. Even if you're not a garment sewer, you will likely enjoy this series for the "more like you and I" aspect to it vs. something like a Project Runway (which I also love!) where the contestant's are obviously making a lifetime career of it. Sew Mama Sew is doing their own version of this contest on their blog right now - check it out here.

Have a great weekend!



Thursday Thoughts: Play/Pause


  • Had some very bad news a few weeks ago
  • that has put me into an
  • internal tailspin
  • a dear friend
  • let me know she has cancer.
  • it's stage 3
  • and she's scared
  • we all are
  • 43 years old
  • Mom of 3
  • Wife
  • Daughter
  • Sister
  • Aunt
  • Cousin
  • Friend
  • has cancer
  • you may not know her
  • but unfortunately because of the
  • viciousness of this disease
  • no matter what kind of cancer it is
  • you all do know her.
  • I have always wanted this blog 
  • and my podcast
  • to be about my life
  • mainly about what I'm making
  • but also about my family
  • my thoughts on various things
  • I come across in the day-to-day
  • and how I try to add a little creativity
  • to my life
  • here and there.
  • I complain
  • too much sometimes
  • about the little things
  • the "1st World Problems"
  • we all have
  • and we muddle through
  • laugh at ourselves
  • and our foolishness
  • but every once in awhile
  • we are slapped in the face
  • with someone else's problems
  • and it makes us stop
  • and think
  • and reassess 
  • what really matters
  • for me this means I have
  • been walking into my studio
  • and just standing there
  • staring at nothing
  • doing nothing
  • thinking of her
  • feeling selfish because
  • I think of me too
  • my husband
  • my kids
  • my art
  • my life
  • on pause inside
  • on play outside


CGM Podcast Episode #51: Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Listen to the episode HERE

Show Notes 

Life Update:
  • Beach and Sew/Knit-cation Weeks
  • Little story about the theory of "Comfortable Being Uncomfortable" as brought up to me recently while listening to the Manic Mommies podcast
WIPs and FOs:
  • King Spiderweb quilt: I'm in the home stretch! 85/100 blocks done!
  • Summer Sampler - working on this as a potential pattern one day.
  • In Threes Cardigan by Kelly Herdrich - almost done with the one for Maddy, purchased more Knit Picks yarn for Samantha's, as well as mine in the adult version (Practically pattern by Kelly Herdrich).

2013 UFO Along! 
Don't forget to enter your finished UFOs here and for a 
chance to win monthly prizes. July's prize is a copy of  
Growing Up Modern by Allison Harris.

 Classic Movie Review:

Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation 
with James Stewart and Maureen O'Hara

 Book Review:

 Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
This will be a new series on Starz in 2014!!

Thanks for listening!



Films About Making Things

Are you familiar with the website Folkstreams? They are a site dedicated to being "A National Preserve of Documentary Films about American Roots Cultures.The site includes transcriptions, study and teaching guides, suggested readings, and links to related websites."

I have been having a great time watching the many short films they have, particularly in the section about people making things. Everything from igloos to tinsmithing, weaving to quilts, the site definitely lives up to it's purpose in keeping cultural traditions alive.  

Being knee deep and happy in the crafting world, I sometimes forget that the majority of Americans DON'T do any kind of crafting at all...ever...I know, right?!?! This concept can seem as foreign, and frankly, awful to me as that statistic I keep trying to ignore that the majority of Americans read less than 1 book per year. Eeeek!  

So I can truly appreciate that there is a place for anyone to go and see the many crafts that used to be, and sometimes still are, handed down through the generations. Whether out of financial necessity or simply to provide the basic items like a plate to eat on (which meant you had to make one), we can all read about these crafts.

But to actually see someone doing the craft, can be such an enlightening experience. "Wow, once upon a time, before Toys R Us and Target, the majority of things in people's homes were handmade, and this is how they made them!"  

My oldest daughter was transfixed by the igloo video - she couldn't believe people actually lived comfortably in these for centuries.  

My favorite (so far) has been the Quilts in Women's Lives short film. I have posted a 2 minute clip below, but head over to the Folkstreams site to see a longer 15 minute clip of the film. The full-length 30 minute film is available for purchase.

In the longer clip, check out the "vintage" stash of the first quilter featured, Grace Earl. Love it!!! But what I really enjoy about these short films are the words and thoughts spoken by the crafter's. You will see that not much has changed, even in the 30 years since this was filmed.

Food for thought as you sew!

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