Knitting F.O: Color Affection Shawl

It's done, done, done! I am so pleased with my Color Affection shawl and I think it's my favorite knitted item yet.

This was made with Plucky Knitter yarn in the Plucky Feet base. Colorways are: Bashful, Vanity, and Vignette.

You can see from the sheer beauty of the shawl's design, why the
pattern is consistently in the top 20 patterns downloaded on
Ravelry. But beyond that, it's a deceptively simple knit. Almost all garter stitch, the only other skills you need are to be able to do a wrap-and turn for short rows, M1R (make 1 right) and M1L (make 1 left), and how to add a new color to your work. I had already learned to do the make 1's on other projects, but there are some very good videos on YouTube that can quickly show you the stitches.

Close up/detail

So if you're a beginning knitter, with maybe 1 or 2 small projects under your belt, I highly recommend giving this shawl pattern a try...the hardest part will be picking out your yarn colors, I promise!



  1. Very pretty! I love the fact that it isn't heavily stitched. Now I have to shop for yarn... :)

  2. This is gorgeous! I knit but it takes me forever. It is tempting.

  3. Beautiful Tanesha, I bet you can't wait until the cool fall weather so you can use it.

    Chester, NY

  4. It's lovely! I don't have to pick out colors. You've already picked out my favorites! :-)

  5. Love it! You're right, what colors would I choose?


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