Wheels Are Spinning....

Lots going on at work, which is keeping me from having any fun in the craft studio so far this month. It will be all I can do to finish my Color Affection shawl:

and complete a UFO:

 Pattern/Kit: Woven Ribbons by Jinny Beyer

I have a long list of other projects to work on as well, and my hope is to knock a few off this weekend when my kids will be at the grandparents (cue me whooping it up) for 3 days. 

Now, every Mom makes all kinds of plans for what she'll get done when the kids are out from underfoot for an extended period of time. The reality is you only get about 10% of that stuff done....if you're lucky! So for once in my life I am making NO PLANS to do anything other than sew for 2 days straight.

Forget the winter-to-summer clothes that need to get switched over. Forget the growing pile of junk on the guest room bed and dining room table. The kids playroom can stay a trash heap for all I care. 

I am using this long holiday weekend to create and have fun playing with MY toys. I can't wait!




  1. Enjoy! And keep us in the loop on Twitter and blog. Your earrings are fab, BTW.

  2. I can send you my mom to do all the blah work. She'll need a plane ticket and place to stay. I don't know if she'll want to be paid, too, but it will make your life a lot better. ;-)

  3. Enjoy your sew time...well deserved!

  4. I'm also choosing to cut back on what I "should" do this weekend to do some sewing for myself. Enjoy your weekend!


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