WIP Wednesday

Lots going on around here, and I don't just mean these boxes of advance books for Summer and Fall to get through:

It's out of control...and this is not all of it! 
There are at least 15 more boxes in another area.

Or now that Spring has arrived, there is lots more outdoor time for bike riding and other outdoor fun:

Sam is so much better on her bike this year, thank goodness! 
Maddy is great at looking the part of a cute tricyclist, but girlfriend is highly unmotivated 
in the pedaling department - she thinks I have unlimited pushing abilities, no water breaks allowed.

Or the fact that I'm hosting my book club this weekend and the house looks like...

well, I'm too embarrassed to say, much less show you!

So let's move on to what's keeping me busy in my studio right now:

I started a simple QAYG (quilt-as-you-go) table runner, using up some batik scraps and strips. Here is block 1 of 3:


I am also making good headway on my Color Affection shawl:

Other WIPs:
  • King Spiderweb quilt: 47/100 blocks done
  • F*ck Block Bee: need to make 5 blocks for this
  • Sketches into quilts - ongoing

I also have a finished sewn garment, which I'll share soon!


I've linked up in these crafty places this week:

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  1. Good luck with all of those boxes... Find time to do some sewing, just to keep you sane! :-)
    ipatchandquilt DOT wordpress DOT com
    esthersipatchandquilt AT yahoo DOT com

  2. Sam is going to be a beautiful girl - wait until she gets into her teens, that will be very interesting ;-)

    Do you have others read the books when you get so many? I'm not sure what your job is, but it sounds like you have to read all of them ? I'm sure you're book club people would help.

    I like your table runner, that's what I should do to use up some strips. Something mindless but if you use great fabrics, you can't go wrong.

  3. Love the colors for the log cabin, such pretty batiks!

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