What the Girls Are Reading This Month

Samantha (age 6):

We're starting 2 new series this month...

Madeline (age 2): at this age, most kids have 1 or 2 "favorite" books they want you to read to them over and over again. I still introduce at least 1-2 new books each week...especially when I get to the point where I can turn the pages and say the words out loud without even looking!

 Maddy LOVES this book, and Sam did too when she was about 2-4 yrs old. 
I recommend it to everyone looking for a fun, interactive book for little ones! 

What are your kids reading this month?



  1. My kids LOVED the Magic Treehouse series! My daughter is now reading the short stories of Flannery O'Connor, the writings of Thoreau, and Native American literature. But then, she's an English major at college and they tend to do those kinds of things. (Just look what Pat the Bunny can eventually lead to!)

  2. My kids loved Magic Treehouse, too. We enjoyed listening to it as we drove back and forth from day care. They also enjoyed Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings. I think my oldest's favorite page was the frog tongues. :) (good memory, thank you!)

    Older son is now reading Tolstoy and getting ready for AP Literature exam next month. Younger son most recently read Ayn Rand's Anthem.


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