Las Colchas

Last week I had a business trip to several cities in Texas, including San Antonio. I've been there several times before, but never had the opportunity to visit a quilt or yarn shop....until now!

I visited several places, which I'll talk about more in my next podcast episode, but my favorite by far was Las Colchas. Translated from Spanish to English, it means "The Quilts."

This little yellow house is nestled among several large office buildings, as well as a few other residences. As you walk in, you instantly feel a sense of history among all of the fabric, antiques, and quilt samples that fill the store.

Francine is the owner, and has been for over 25 years! She was so friendly and welcoming, and I chatted with her a few minutes about the history of the house. Turns out, Las Colchas, is an original Sears Roebuck Kit House. (More on that to come in the next podcast episode!)

 She has filled her shop with a very wide variety of fabrics, and what I truly loved was the presentation. Using a mixture of antiques, bookshelves, and tables, the fabric, patterns, books, and samples are displayed all through the house for you to discover as you journey from room to room. Here are several rooms in the house:

 For such a small little bungalow of a house, those windows let in a LOT of light!

 Great mix of traditional and modern fabrics! 
I saw Amy Butler, Kaffe Fassett, Bonnie & Camille, and many other designer lines.

I absolutely loved the touches of old and new throughout the house.

There were also several classic "San Antonio" touches in the house that reminded one of the wonderful Mexican hertitage this city enjoys. I loved these sample pillows made up using the Dia de Los Muertos print.

And as I mentioned, there were a lot of samples of a wide mix of projects: quilts, bags, dresses, felted wool applique, table runners, pillows, etc... 

All in all I was SO pleased to have had the chance to make a few stops during my Texas trip! And I will definitely be stopping in to Las Colchas the next time I'm in San Antonio - you should do the same!



  1. Wonderful! This quilt shop is a great find looks like you had fun. On your quilt ........ Ah , oh yeah ... "Business trip"

  2. What a wonderful find in San Antonio. I'm glad you had time, opportunity to go.

  3. A great shop. I lived in the area for 3 yrs.... I would go there often.

  4. Thanks for sharing this shop. When I was there for a business trip, I wasn't able to find parking, so I missed visiting in person. Looks like a fun shop, and will try to see it next time I'm there.


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