Eff Blocks

Some of you may need to put on your pearls to clutch, but I thought I'd share what I've been working on the last few days anyways...

Katie and Daisy asked if anyone was interested in doing a F*ck Block swap, similar to the one that resulted in this awesome quilt.

 Origin of this quilt is from the Completely Cauchy blog - 
she is fabulous, I highly recommend you check her work out.

I said, why the eff not? Yes, it's a crude, ugly word. Yes I use it. Often in my head. Particularly while driving or sewing difficult parts of a quilt. Never around my kids, although I have thought it in relation to this book. 

 If you haven't read this book, run don't walk, to your local bookstore, 
and take the 2 minutes it takes to do so. Get ready to die laughing. 
It is fabulous - especially if you've "been there!"

And I really like how it's used in this way:

Yes please.

So there are 5 of us doing this round, making 1 F*ck block to send to each. I thought about various ways to make my block, and in the end decided to do a little scrappy paper piecing of the letters. Not sure which way I should lay the word out though....what do you think?

This way:


 Or this way:




  1. Hee!!! Love them so much!! I can't wait to see the variations of blocks we'll all have for our quilts. Round two should be fun! I have one more block to do before I'm ready to mail.

  2. The best part of that sleep book is that Samuel L Jackson reads the audiobook. It is priceless!

  3. I am excited to see our first round put together! Nice work, Tanesha!

  4. That quilt is too funny for words, I love it!
    Personally I'd put the letters in a single line, I think it has more impact that way, but wtf do I know ;D ;D

  5. I agree with Christine, I think one line is more effective! Oh, and btw I just bought the same orange flower Jennifer Paganelli fabric at her Christmas sale :)) Love!

  6. lol, i'm new to your blog...i arrived here after reading carrie's post about her dirty secrets. anyway, i love this quilt but thought you might be interested in variations on the word used to get around FCC fines on t.v.

    Sci-fi show Farscape used the word 'frell' as a substitute. Sci-fi show Battlestar Gallactica used the word 'frac' as a substitute. Both words are used regularly in our household. ;p


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