Thursday Thoughts

  • Dear God how much longer do I have to
  • put up with a pissy 2 year old?
  • Seriously, she is
  • driving
  • me
  • crazy
  • I know, I know
  • She just turned 2 in late January
  • And there are so many moments where
  • she is so completely awesome
  • I just want to eat her up
  • as all 3 meals to my day
  • But when she's not so awesome
  • yeah, words fail me.
  • These are the days when
  • that part of me that sometimes wishes I was a stay-at-home mom
  • thinks, "the Hell you do girl, 
  • you and this kid would be goin' at it all day
  • versus a few hours during the week!"
  • And just those few hours have been
  • wearing me out lately.
  • I won't even go into all the ways
  • my patience has been tested
  • the last few months
  • Let's just say that between the
  • car seat
  • getting dressed
  • eating
  • bathtime
  • going to bed
  • it's a wonder I'm not a falling down drunk
  • by 8 pm
  • But then again as I recall with Sam
  • year 3 ain't much better
  • and my friends with teenagers tell me
  • I might as well get liquored up now
  • because I ain't seen nothin' yet
  • Note to self:
  • send DH's vasectomy doctor a thank you card.


  1. LOL.

    My kids were 2 1/2 years apart and they would alternate every 6 months who was "going through a phase." Fortunately, they rarely hit them at the same time, although I couldn't help but always wonder if the kid who was being angelic didn't think they were just showing up their less-than-angelic sibling just to earn some parental brownie points. Whatever their motivation, I didn't complain!

  2. Ok, I feel for ya. I have 4 children - ages 22, 20, 13 and 4. Liquor helps, cause your friend was right, you ain't seen nothing like the teenage years ;)

  3. It will get better. Most likely she is just like you so that's the reason she's driving you crazy. Like my mother always told me, " I hope you have a child that's just like you!" She was right and I did. We didn't stop butting heads until she was in her early 20's but now we can laugh about it.

  4. When my kids were young, my mom would tell me these are the best years of your life. Well, it was truly hard to believe at the time because with four children all a couple of years apart, there was always drama. I talked to the pediatrician asking if the boys were gong to actually hurt each other with the fighting. I always had one tattling and one whining and I was feeling guilty for always getting on to someone and not spending the quality time with each one. Well now my youngest is 30. Believe me it goes by quick. And my mom was right because those were the best years. Take it all with a grain of salt because Tanesha soon they will start driving.

  5. Tanesha, you are cracking me up! Hang in there! You haven't seen anything yet but my girls are 10, 12 and 14 (almost 15) and it's more mentally challenging than physically challenging at this point. Good thing we are all strong women and can outsmart them- for the most part!!! Lol!

    This too shall pass.

  6. I think you read my diary from 20 years ago! I kept reminding myself that I was raising an amazingly strong woman, I just had to get through the kid stuff! Once a woman asked me how to get her daughter to dress in the clothes she picked out for her, I looked at my 4 yo dd, dressed with two different shoes, mis-matched clothes in color, pattern and season and just laughed! I was lucky we got to school at all!

    Years later, I stood on a plane waiting to get off, and I turned to the people behind me and said, "I just dropped of my daughter at college" and to a woman, everyone of them chimed in to give me support and suggestions. My husband said, "what was that? You mean you just put your troubles out there and people want to help?" And I said, "Yes, with women that is how it works."

    When you are having troubles, remember you have friends! Having daughters is thunderstorms and rainbows.

  7. My children are all grown and gone from the house now. I have three sons and one daughter. The three sons, combined, were way less difficult than the one daughter!! Possibly because we see ourselves in our daughters and we don't want them to make the same mistakes that we did. So we struggle with them more.

    My kids are all wonderful, loving, caring, considerate, responsible adults. So, even though I sat in the bathroom and cried many times while I was raising them; even though I wanted to run away from home a couple times; even though I thought I was losing my mind A LOT of times; even though I went through all that heartache - It's all worth it in the end!!

    Hang in there!

  8. Been there, done that. Katie was pretty easy, but I wanted to sell Eric between 15 months and 3 years old. The good news? It got so much better and I was so much more appreciative of it than I had been with my "easy" kid. I promise that the road ahead will be easier.


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