Thursday Thoughts

  • I lost 9 pounds in January.
  • Not too shabby
  • For someone who conveniently forgets to count Tootsie Roll points
  • I am even more happy I was able to lose weight in a month with 2 birthday cake and ice cream events
  • And a book club meeting where we drink lots of wine
  • And the hostess is a fabulous cook who also loves to bake.
  • One of those birthdays was my youngest turning 2.
  • Two.
  • To.
  • Too.
  • This is the start of the really tough years for a parent, behavior-wise.
  • Having already been down this "Terrible Two's" road before
  • I kind of know what to expect
  • But of course, every kid is different.
  • But generally with year 2 the "real" tantrums begin.
  • By "real" I mean the difference between a baby crying to be fed right away
  • And a toddler asking for something to eat,
  • Understanding you are getting her something to eat,
  • Seeing you get her something to eat,
  • Following you directly to the pantry as you get her something to eat
  • Sticking to your side like glue as you pour her the something to eat
  • And still screaming her lungs out that she wants something to eat
  • Right.Now.
  • A grudging "please" is given 
  • But only because you reminded her to say it.
  • Then you hand her the something to eat
  • She takes one bite and decides she's not hungry anymore.
  • And 60 seconds later she wants something else to eat.
  • And because I'm a mean mom this request is denied.
  • And then you realize, "Oh shit, she's gonna blow."
  • And while you know you have to "handle" this with a time out 
  • Or ignoring her altogether
  • (my favorite behavior modifier - my kids HATE to be ignored, and I LOVE my earphones)
  • In the back of your mind you're thinking,
  • Crap
  • I've had a long day
  • People at work got on my nerves
  • My eyes are tired from staring at a computer screen for 6 hours straight
  • I still have to make dinner.
  • And help older kid with homework. 
  • Hell, I'd like cookies too.  
  • And to wash them down with a glass of wine.
  • But then you remember you're on Weight Watchers
  • And you only have 6 points left, including dinner.
  • Damn that 10 point Chipotle lunch!
  • And you're supposed to be setting the behavior standards with your new 2 year old early on
  • So she knows what the deal is when she hollers for something she's been told "no" to
  • So you look your 2 year old in the eye 
  • And sweetly say to her scrunched up mad face
  • "Baby, if I have to suffer, then we all have to suffer."
  • "NO COOKIE!"
  • Dammit.       


  1. Tanisha, that is hilarious!! Congrats on your weight loss. By the time we got around to terrible two's with our 3rd one, we were ready but she never actually was a tantrum-y type kid. So there's hope! Each one is different.

    I had trouble sending a reply to your Twitter message. It seemed to be held hostage for a day. Hope you received it.

  2. WOW on the 9 pounds! Raising children, fun, tough, rewarding, frustrating, blessing, tiring, but well worth it. Hang in there and keep the humor, it will serve you well.

  3. Congrats on the 9 pounds. And, congrats on the cookie battle. Trust me, they grow but sometimes they continue to throw tantrums. I used to just step over my youngest when she threw her tantrums (including banging head on floor). But then she grew up and had 3 kids herself...he he he (evil grandmother laugh) paybacks can be hell.

  4. As much as 2 year old tantrums suck and I know (as good as anyone who raised a total of 8 kids but only birthed 2) they suck.....just wait for a teenage tantrum! While you would love to "bust their hindend" or let's even go with the words in my head "punch her in the face" from time to time that isn't the answer and simply denying a cookie isn't going to help much either since they don't really want a cookie they want to stay out late with that really hot guy! Um wait maybe he's the one I want to punch in the face. Pole dancing is not in my daughter's future...I already raised that one (before she came to me). Let me just say there is reprieve....it comes when they have their own and your have a right giggle at your two year old granddaughter because she wants a cookie and you can give it to her with no repercussions whatsoever on your part!

    Can you tell its been a tough week for me? Oh and I don't even have to deal with the teenage tantrums anymore! I just want to eat! Oh and one more thing.....bite me!!! for losing 9 pounds...I mean congrats for losing 9 pounds...way to go!!

  5. HAHAHAHA!!! This made me laugh (which started yet another coughing fit, but let's just go with the laughing part). I breezed through the Terrible Twos, always wondering what the big deal was. Then we hit THREE. OMG! What a PITA that boy was. Be tough and buy some good headphones. You'll thank yourself later.


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