Snow Day

We had our first "real" snow day yesterday. The kids got out of school early, and by the time I picked them up there were already several accidents and spun-out cars on the road. 

(We made it home safely).

This was Maddy's first memorable experience with snow, considering how mild our winter was last year. She was just as excited as Sam to go out and play in it.


She particularly liked lobbing her little snowballs at Mommy and Sammy.

And Sam is always thrilled to play in the snow....to the point of frozen fingers and toes, and having to drag her inside to warm up.

And of course, Maddy wasn't too thrilled to have to go back inside either. Neither girl has any sympathy for a mother's longing for a hot cup of coffee and her heated house.

One last dash around the yard.

And a few more minutes on the playset swing, and we called this Snow Day a wrap.



  1. Great photos! The girls looked like they were having so much fun.

    There is more snow out in your area than here in the Black Hills.

  2. Hi Tanesha it's so cool to see your little girls enjoying themselves. This is the kind of memory they will cherish forever!
    I was listening to a podcast of yours I can't remember which where you reviewed a book about a woman who relives the life of an ancestor in some kind of rebellion (in Ireland or Scotland I think). I want to check out the book but I can't seem to find the episode for the title. Would you mind emailing me the name? Thanks so much!

  3. What great photos - such a lot of fun. Mary Ann


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