My UFO Pile: I'm Goin' In!

It's time. Time to tackle this pile of UFO's that have been sitting under my cutting table for an embarrassingly long time.

I am going to be basting a quilt tonight, and start quilting it by the weekend.

I will, of course, post pictures of the finished quilt in the UFO Along group (although I will not enter to win this month's prize of course).

Prize you say? Yep! For every UFO you enter into the picture pool, you gain one entry into the "pot" for a chance at winning the monthly prize. This month the prize is a $25 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop!

So come one, come all! We are half way through January, there is still plenty of time to tackle at least one UFO for the month. I can't wait to see what you accomplish, there are already some gorgeous quilts in the group, so check them out here, then hurry to get yours entered too.



  1. Okay, I just joined the group so better get my butt working, right?? :)))

  2. Way to go! When I listened to your podcast I thought it was a great idea to work on UFOs this year. Thanks for the push!

  3. Alice from Kati's Quilting,

    I clicked on a topic for embroidering but nothing came up for that, only quilting so do you have anything on that or a link to send me? Also I would like tutorials for the "Easy Street" quilt if you have it or maybe a link to it if you dont..
    Thank You,
    Alice W.

    1. For the above post; from Alice to Kati's Quilting;

      The e-mail address is a little bit wrong as my Gizmo is tempermental and sometimes puts in to many letters in some things, hense my e-mail; IT IS:- mygirl_aw85@aol.com

      Thanks; Alice.

  4. I learned a new term at Tidewater Quilt Guild this week. It was suggested that instead of working on UFO's ----- we all work on our PhD (project half done). That would make us sound so scholarly :)

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  6. A couple things to be clear about: First, these are our “13 best bets” so it’s not necessarily a list of the 13 players we think are most likely to win. Instead, these are the 13 bets we feel present the best value based on their current odds (in this case, from FanDuel). And second, keep in mind that predicting golf winners is difficult. And at the Players, it’s basically impossible. OK, enough with the excuses. Here’s our ranking.


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