Every Girl Should Read: Lois Lowry

I have a little confession to share about Lois Lowry. Even though she wrote one of the most influential novels of our time: The Giver,

(I mean seriously, every dystopian novel written since 1995 is striving to live up to this level of excellence.)

AND she wrote one of the most heart-wrenching, but amazing books about the Holocaust: Number the Stars

My favorite books by Ms. Lowry are about a 10 year old girl named Anastasia Krupnick.

Oh how I wanted to be Anastasia when I was a preteen. She was simply awesome: ambitious, feisty, smart, funny, inquisitive, and a writer. There's even a bit of romance which now makes me giggle, but at the time sent my romantic heart aflutter.

I believe Anastasia Krupnik will appeal to young preteen girls because they will be able to see parts of themselves in her. They will be able to relate to crushed dreams, to being teased by other students, to not having the same type of clothing as others have, to learning that one will no longer be the only child, and even to the death of a close relative. And they will be able to take with them the lessons that Anastasia learned from her fourth-grade experiences.  

Lois Lowry created one of the best fictional preteen girls I've ever read, and I treasured this series for a long time. While I definitely think the Anastasia books are geared towards girls 8 and older, it is one not to be missed!

....and oh yeah, don't let them miss The Giver and Number the Stars either! ;-)



  1. I LOVED Anastasia too! I wonder if those books are still at my parents house...I should look the next time I am home!

    Agree on the other two books too...LL is just spectacular.

  2. I agree about The Giver and Number the Stars, but I never read the Anastasia books since I was about 17 when the books came out. My boys never read them either, but I'll have to give them a try. I feel like I missed a classic series!

  3. I never read the Anastasia books, but The Giver *changed my life.* it has a permanent place in my "favorites" bookshelf. Have you ever read the companion books to it (Gathering Blue ans Messenger)?

  4. HOW did you get a hold of my DD list for her college young adult class? These books were all on it. She read them and I will be reading them once she is done with them.



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