What I'm Reading This Month

I've reached my GoodReads 2012 Challenge of reading 75 books this year. Seeing as books are my job, I actually read a lot more than this, but for that particular challenge I mainly count the books I read solely for me and not work-related. I have been reading quite a few serious and very literary books lately (mostly work-related) so this month I'm going to dedicate to the pure fluff/trashy books I have had sitting on my shelf for a very long time.

They say you can tell a lot about a person by what they read...I'll just have to hope this isn't the only "What I'm Reading This Month" post you ever look at! You can visit me over on Good Reads to keep up with my bookish ways, and I would love to see what you bury your nose in too!

Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire
(on sale 4/16/13, I am reading an advance copy)

 Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover

(on sale 4/9/13, I am reading an advance copy)

On Dublin Street by Samantha Young
(on sale 12/31/12, I am reading an advance copy)

Wild About You by Kerrelyn Sparks

What are you reading this month?



  1. Hi Tanesha. I put a friend request to you on Goodreads. I really appreciate your reviews on your podcast and blog. I just finished Above All Things by Tannis Rideout. It was very good. I'm now reading Every Secret Thing, by Suzanna Kearsley. I think that either you or Frances recommended another book of hers, but this one was available at the library, so I thought I'd try it out. So far, so good!

  2. Congratulations! That's an impressive goal.


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