Need a Little Christmas....

Boy, it has been tough the last 3 weeks getting back into a groove that includes a holiday spirit. In fact, I am still a little bah-humbugish when it comes to getting my act together with the gift shopping and post-sick cleaning that needs to get done around here. But we have managed to do some decorating around the house, and I am working my way back to sadly neglected sewing projects. 
Sam added a few "touches" LOL

I have determined that it's best to make a short list of some holiday traditions I'd like to get done, and save the grand ideas for simply looking at and admiring on Pinterest and HGTV. In the next few weeks we'll be making cookies, chocolate peppermint bread, fudge, a gingerbread house (from a kit!), and going to see the Christmas lights our local park authority puts up every year. Sam has her Winter Dance Recital this weekend, and Maddy's daycare has a big party the following week. Add in completing the gift shopping and wrapping them up, mailing the cards, attending a few parties, and my book club meeting, it's a true Christmas miracle I don't punch someone out by the 26th, LOL. But I must admit once I get things rolling, I truly love this time of year, even with all the chaos and attempts at mitigating stress. 

Speaking of mitigating stress, which my crafting usually does, I am desperately trying NOT to let the Bonnie Hunter Easy St. Mystery Quilt send me over the edge. I just completed Part 1 last night, and she's deep into Part 3! 
I am using mainly Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt and Kona Snow as my background. It's been a long time since I pieced so many dang parts together for a quilt though, and with my Crafter's ADD it is all I can do to stay focused on this and not wander off into the other WIP piles I have stacked up everywhere. It has been a lot of fun seeing everyone else's progress on this though, and so far, it's keeping me motivated. I have cut for Part 2 and plan to start piecing those flying geese together this week. 

And I found a great way to keep all of the moving parts of this project together with a repurposed plastic sheet set cover from the new Christmas flannels I got at Target! It even has a handle on top...cool, huh? 

Hope all of you are healthy and enjoying this time of year. New podcast episode is coming this week, please pardon my still-scratchy voice in advance!



  1. I can't wait to see your Easy Street. I haven't started yet because of all the holiday sewing I have to do. I want to start on it after Christmas and I want to use my Flea Market Fancy too.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Just finished pressing step one and cutting step two, so you aren't alone in being behind. And I don't have a job and two little ones!

  3. Ask for help and get a house cleaner!

  4. I haven't even started part one yet, if that makes you feel any better. I'm thinking it will be at least a couple of weeks yet before I start.

  5. Tanesha,
    I'm cracking up reading your post, because this is so me this season. I still say we must be sisters from another life, because our lives mirror each other so much. Jason, my five year old told me, we don't have Christmas at our house, only at Gigi's which is my mom, since we usually go there for the holidays. First time in 10 years we're home. go figure! By the way, I bit the ravelry bug, and started crocheting thanks to you and AJ and your stories about socks. Thanks again for sharing your (our) journey. Kelly


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