CGM Podcast Episode 39: Holiday Lead-In

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Show Notes 

Life Update:
  • Sam has already started "making her list, checking it twice...three times...ten times" and more!
  • I'm American Girl'd out...thank goodness for family.
  • Here's the pricey AG Bug I mention. So cute, but talk about sticker shock! 
  • There was a great Veteran's Day Sew-In/Google+ web chat on Sunday, Nov. 11th. I had a lot of fun with fellow podcasters and listeners! Can't wait to do it again. It was fun seeing what everyone was working on and the live action sewing going on.
WIPs and FOs:
  • Working on socks for Maddy
  • Working on King Spiderweb Quilt
  • No finished objects
For holiday gift-giving to kids, I recommend checking out the board games from Family Pastimes Co. here. They all emphasize cooperative play and fun, and they have many games for kids and adults at reasonable prices.      
Here are the 2 I mentioned in the episode:

 Caves & Claws

The Farmers Market

 Book Review:

  The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley

Thanks for listening!



  1. Enjoyed your podcast Tanesha and pleased to find out that the Family Pastimes games are Canadian so will order one for my Grand daughters. What are some good series books for a 8 year old girl?

  2. It was a nice VDSI using google hangout! WOW, highway robbery for the "AG Bug"! It should be available for human use.

    The Quilting Pot Podcast

  3. I really love the games that you mentioned! I am totally going to look into those for Christmas. My girls need to work on working together. I am looking into a younger version of Monopoly so that the kiddos can practice math.

    My kiddos are having issues with focusing in class. Any game suggestions that get your kiddos to focus? LOL

    We bought my youngest a game called something like the "Sneaky Squirrel" - super cute! The kiddos collect the correct color acorns and put them on their "stump."

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your time and talents with us. I so enjoy you pod share....living the quiet life sewing away by the sea I go days without seeing others. (beside cats and husband) Hearing about children and school and sniffles makes me smile and have memories. Taught school for 28 years....K and 1 and 2 Special Needs and Gifted and Talented...go figure that mix.
    I now spend my days making art quilts for gallery sales and teaching quilting classes. A little of my work can be seen on facebook under the name fibermoon. Please what was the name of the book about WW2 and the little girl who stole books...sound like a must read. Again thank you so much....shelly beth grappe shellygrappe@gmail.com PS Sam will do fine in reg K, keep her with her peers...will make her a leader in all areas.
    Can give you more grandmotherly and teach advice on why kiddo need to stay with peers.

  5. Great podcast and I can't wait to order from Family Pastimes. These will be perfect for my daughters boys and this is just the type of play she likes for them.

  6. My kids and I used to play The Secret Door (Family Pastimes) a lot. Really liked that game. When they got towards mid- to older-elementary we played "Labyrinth" by Ravensburger. Not cooperative (although I'd think you could easily make it so by working as a team rather than against each other to achieve goals), but teaches a lot of thinking skills--DD still plays it occasionally and she's in college now, LOL.

  7. The games sound great, especially for my younger nieces and nephews.

    The book review was great; I am waiting for my first Kearsley novel to come in to the local library.

    All the best.


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