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Well, the flu-bug has officially struck our house and we're down for the count. Maddy had pink eye and a nasty cough, and I have everything but the kitchen sink going on: laryngitis, double pink eye, coughing, sneezing, dizziness, you name it. Phew! I will be so glad when this has run its course and out of the house.

So not a whole lot of sewing or crafting going on lately. And the podcast episode I'd planned to record this week....well the laryngitis explains the radio silence. Luckily for me, prior to all this gloom-and-doom sickness hanging over my head, I was able to finish a project for Heron's Crafts blog: Storybook Craft Project. I am the guest post today, so head on over there to see what I cooked up for the holidays!



Like a Hole in the Head...

I need another project like I need a hole in the head. Seriously. But as often happens when I get on Twitter, Flickr, or any other social media outlet, I got caught up in the excitement around Bonnie Hunter's new Mystery Quilt-a-long: Easy Street.

So, along with the 1,362 other things I've got going right now, I went ahead and pulled some fabrics for this one.

I think I'll use my Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy for this one. Bonnie's colors are a bit brighter than I want for a large quilt that will probably be used in one of our bedrooms. The fresh blue and greens of Denyse's line are closer to the palette I use in my home.

Lots of other things going on! Now that the craziness of last week's holiday is over, I will hopefully have a little time to bring this blog up-to-date....oh wait, there's still Christmas to get through isn't there? Eeek! 



CGM Podcast Episode 39: Holiday Lead-In

Listen to the episode HERE

Show Notes 

Life Update:
  • Sam has already started "making her list, checking it twice...three times...ten times" and more!
  • I'm American Girl'd out...thank goodness for family.
  • Here's the pricey AG Bug I mention. So cute, but talk about sticker shock! 
  • There was a great Veteran's Day Sew-In/Google+ web chat on Sunday, Nov. 11th. I had a lot of fun with fellow podcasters and listeners! Can't wait to do it again. It was fun seeing what everyone was working on and the live action sewing going on.
WIPs and FOs:
  • Working on socks for Maddy
  • Working on King Spiderweb Quilt
  • No finished objects
For holiday gift-giving to kids, I recommend checking out the board games from Family Pastimes Co. here. They all emphasize cooperative play and fun, and they have many games for kids and adults at reasonable prices.      
Here are the 2 I mentioned in the episode:

 Caves & Claws

The Farmers Market

 Book Review:

  The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley

Thanks for listening!



Every Girl Should Read: Katherine Paterson

Continuing in my series of blog posts about authors "every girl should read" I must share another not to be missed: Katherine Paterson.

Here are just a few of her books, some of them among her most popular, as well as Newberry Award winners:

Many of her books are already on reading lists in schools, but several including Bridge to Terabithia and Jacob I Have Loved have been banned or challenged due to content. Regardless of what "they" may say about why her books shouldn't be on every reading list there is for middle and high school, Katherine Paterson's books touch deep to the core of the way a girl thinks and feels during intense situations. I also love how she often blends historical facts into her novels, to give you a sense of a time we've never lived in, and the struggles a teen girl would go through in that period.

I highly recommend giving Katherine Paterson a try, if you haven't already. She is definitely one whose work should not be missed.



Did You Vote?

...and are you as happy as I am the campaigning is over? :-)


The Banned Books Project...and the winner is!

Oh me! Oh my! What a wonderful display of quilts we've seen in The Banned Books Project Flickr pool

Please take a moment and visit the Flickr pool to see the entries from: 
landscapelady: To Kill a Mockingbird and The Bluest Eye
Jenny F: Junie B. Jones
Marissa_I: Harry Potter series
Sandyquiltz (my partner in this project!): Go Ask Alice
Jackie of SewExcitedQuilts: The Diary of Anne Frank
Marisa.onebyone: Draw Me a Star
cyprium_misty: Call of the Wild
FionaOgre: Fahrenheit 451
and me!: Blubber

Sandy and I want to thank everyone who took the time to make a "little something" that creatively displayed their love for a banned book. We hope you had fun too! I will be leaving the BBP Flickr group open to any and all who want to add their "banned inspiration" to the pool. I know I plan to make several more small quilts that represent my love for a particular banned book, throughout the upcoming year. 

Without further ado, I'd like to announce the WINNER 
of the $25 Fat Quarter Shop gift certificate: LANDSCAPELADY!!!!! 

Congratulations to you, I have sent you an email about your win! Be sure to check our her fabulous blog, she is very talented and displays her amazing work all the time.

Everyone have a great day. If you're in the U.S. I hope you exercise your right to vote AND your right to read whatever the heck you want everyday!




What I'm Reading This Month

As usual, I have a big stack of advance reads I need to get through quickly so I'm mixing in several of these with the backlog titles on my nightstand.....

 Speaking From Among the Bones (A Flavia de Luce novel) by Alan Bradley 
on sale 1/29/13. I am reading an advance copy

Beyond the Highland Mist by Karen Marie Moning

The Dinner by Herman Koch
on sale 2/12/13. I am reading an advance copy

What are you reading this month?


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