CGM Podcast Episode 37: Fall Frolic

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Show Notes 

Life Update:

  • I also finished knitting my first sock for Samantha, and have cast on sock #2 so I don't get sock-i-tis.
  • I talk extensively about The Banned Books Project and throw out my PRIZE for entering your finished project in the Flickr Group: here
  • Quilting the Fassett quilt for me, but I have a question for you all about your walking foot quilting bar: how do you keep yours from shifting while quilting?
  • I don't think I mentioned what I'm working on: Spiderweb Quilt, more owl mini quilts, and a knitted cowl.
If you enter by 10/31, I will draw 1 name and they will win a 
$25 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop!!

Book Reviews:
 Free Motion Quilting with Angela Walters

by Patricia Cooper and Norma Bradley Buferd

Thanks for listening!



  1. Hi Tanesha
    Coincidentally, I was listening to an older Pat Sloan podcast, in which she interviewed the Piece O Cake ladies. They said they used Adobe Illustrator to make their applique patterns.

    However, you might want to check out Carla Barrett's e classes. http://featheredfibers.wordpress.com/ She does a lot of designing using Photoshop Elements. I took her Photoshop Elements course and her Quilt Whisperer course, and they were both fantastic.
    Note - I haven't used PSE to design anything, and I've never used Illustrator, so I really don't know which is better. But, I thought the info might be helpful.

  2. great podcast! and I'm not saying that just because you mentioned me, although that was cool :-) I learned a few things that I didn't know before and for me that is time well spent.

    I too want to make some applique patterns and would like to figure out how to make them look more professional. Photo shop and elements are both rather pricey and I just want to make a little "fabric money" so don't want to invest to much money in it. If you find a good cheap way to make a pdf drawing look better, please let me know. (i'm quiltscapes on twitter) or email mcquilts@hotmail.com

    thank you so much for an enjoyable last hour listening

  3. Hey Tanesha, just finished listening to your podcast. I found The Quilters on Abe Books for $3.79 including shipping. It has a different cover so I am hoping it is the same book. I love listening to those old stories. Oh, and I just ordered Wild on audio. Have a trip to Austin planned in a couple of weeks. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Follow up to my previous comment. Okay, okay I also ordered Angela Walters book but that's it, no more book reviews lol.


  5. I enjoyed the podcast. It brings me back to when my daughter was in kindergarten and all the joys/craziness of that time.

    I have been to the Fall Festival and had a good time, followed by eating at The Cozy Inn [not a good idea, when one is on a diet.]

    If I ever start applique, I am sure that I will come back and listen to your tips.

    Loved the stories; I enjoyed "Women's Studies" classed back when they were popular.

    All the best.

  6. SInce you were talking about old-timey quilt stories, I wanted to include the link for one of the best. Dorthy Canfield Fisher wrote one of my favorite children's books, "Understood Betsy." I did not know that she wrote lots of adult books and stories, but read them all when I made that discovery. The short story "The Bedquilt" is in her story collection "Hillsboro People." All the stories are worth reading, but "The Bedquilt" is one of the best.

    This is the Gutenberg link to "Hillsboro People." Hope you enjoy [and I think Samantha would like "Understood Betsy," which is still in print.]


    All the best.

  7. I have had the very same thing happen with my quilting bar. I had a Kenmore (made by Janome). VERY annoying. I went back to using painters tape.

    I not have an older HQ16 so no longer have to worry about how to quilt my quilts.


  8. I love the little owl. I think I would like to make a table runner and hot pads for my daughter using your little owl pattern. She loves owl stuff. It would be a Christmas gift. I promise to post a photo when I get the project completed.

  9. I just want to say that your reading of the paragraghs out of the book, Quilters: Women and Domestic Art was so interesting. You should be narrating audiobooks! Thanks for sharing this book with us.


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