CGM Podcast Episode 36: Wait For It...

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Show Notes 

Life Update:
  • Sam is happy in school and loves her teacher. I'm wondering what the heck they're going to teach her besides her colors (knows them all) and the number 2 (she can add already for Pete's sake!) Still being (somewhat) patient with our (supposedly) top-notch school district.....
  • Maddy is talking up a storm, and generally a "happy to be here, where's the snacks?" kind of gal...when she's not yelling at her sister or saying "No!"
  • I am doing just fine, extremely happy for my favorite season to be here.
  • Daybreak Shawl by Stephen West: finished! See my blog post here for pictures.
  • Lovebirds art quilt: finished! See the previous blog post for pictures. I also mention Susan Brubaker Knapp's tutorial for facing a quilt. You can find the tutorial on her blog here.
  • Kaffe Fassett Quilt: working on this one to complete in next 2 weeks.
  • Spiderweb quilt: still going.....
  • Owl minis: more to come on these in October!
  • I also blathered on about a possible 2013 UFO-along at some point in the podcast. I have so many, and I'd like to commit to completing 1 per month all next year with the goal to complete it as early in the month as possible, prior to working on anything else. Care to join me? Let me know in your comments below!
What's Making Me Happy in Crafting:
  • My Ultra Fine Point Black Sharpie Marker

    Laura Wasilowski has a great blog post on Wonder Under, and has also started a video series on how she uses it to fuse fabric in her art pieces.

    Reminder! Set your DVR to record (or watch it live) Call the Midwife on PBS this Sunday, Sept. 30th. 

    Book Reviews:

     Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend by Matthew Dicks

    .......and now that you waited for it: BOOK GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

    The Giving Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini
    on sale 10/30/12
    You will be entering to win an ADVANCE COPY of this book!

    To enter the giveaway please leave a comment below answering the theme question of the book: WHY DO YOU GIVE? (i.e. if you give (time/money/quilts/other items) to a specific charity, why?) My answer would be: I give to St. Jude's Hospital because I never want to take for granted my 2 healthy children, and I respect their mission to help sick children no matter the cost.


    Rules: One entry per person. Giveaway closes 11:59 pm EST Tues., 10/9/12. Winner will be announced by Wednesday Oct. 10th. PLEASE make sure you leave either a valid email address in your comment, or that you are not a no-reply blogger when you comment, so I can reach you. If I can't reach you via email within 3 days, another winner will be picked.

    Thanks for listening!!



    1. To be "brutally honest" I give because it makes me feel good :~). And, I an always thankful that I & mine have more blessings than we can count and why not share some?

    2. I give to Good Mews because I can't adopt all the Helper Cats, although I'm sure as hell gonna try this weekend.

    3. Tanesha,
      Thank you so much for your podcasts! I always have fun listening!
      I love hearing about your family and your crafts.
      I usually give to either animal shelters or women's shelters.
      To me, there is no excuse for cruelty aimed at women, children, men, too, or animals.
      I would love to read Jennifer's new book before it goes out to bookstores!
      Hope to win,

    4. I give to the American Cancer Society, as I have a son that has cancer. I also give to the Ronald McDonald House and am teaching my granddaughters to give by collecting pop tabs off cans and taking them to the local house.

      I would love to read Jennifer's new book! I think I have all her others and love to ready them.


    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    6. I give to my church, which in turn helps people in so many ways. I also love to give to my family and friends, because they really appreciate my work and time.

      1. Sorry, I didn't mean to send this twice.
        My email is jennyf @ q dot com

    7. Thanks as always Tanesha for a fun podcast and great giveaway. I give to support a scholarship at our veterinary college to encourage other vet students to pursue a career in dermatology. Like Pam, our local shelters also get lots of help from us in the form of donations. I truly wish I could save them all...

    8. I give because when I was a "starving student", people were very generous to me - giving me furniture, clothes and hot meals. I realized I could not give back to them in kind, as they had way more than I did at that point in my life, and I decided to do the same to others when I was established in my career. I am, so I do (to copy Daisy's phrase).

    9. Hi
      We mainly give to our church, American Cancer Society, Make A Wish and Pan Mass Challenge. It's important to give cheerfully and I want my three daughters to see that giving is important and in return, we feel good about ourselves.

      Thanks for the book opportunity!

    10. I give because even though I don't have a lot on money or things, I'm rich compared to others. Think of those in Haiti who still don't have homes. I'm thankful for what I have and give mainly through our church.

    11. I give because I have (mostly time) and I can.

    12. I give most of my quilts away because it make me feel good. I give little amounts to my local public radio station because I feel guilty listening if I don't.

      I am very excited for you Tanesha. If you didn't already love your job you could - for sure!! - be full time in the quilting world as both a designer and teacher or really, an editor of a magazine.

      1. Oops - I should I listened to the podcast first! It sounds like you were looking for specific charities for ideas. We give small amounts ('cause that is the budget) to Doctors Without Borders and The Southern Poverty Law Center - both excellent organizations.

    13. Yes, I have the same feelings as you: I feel the need to create and my hobby is quilting...so since I have lots of time, I create a lot! I also like that there is a resource for my quilts instead of just making piles of quilts for me, so I make quilts for hurting children for Quilts for Kids, Project Linus, and our local guild who distributes them through our police & fire depts. Plus I get to buy more fabric! What a nice giveaway; I love her books! Thanks so much.

    14. I give to the Shriner's, as they have hospitals regionally for children, they give super medical care to children. I chose them for my daughters care of her scoliosis even though we had insurance etc, I knew they would give her the best care available.

    15. I give mainly to Quilts Of Valor. I love making quilts and just do not need any more for myself.

      I will say I LOVE your laugh on your podcast. You are funny and very genuine. I am always happy when I see you have a new one out.

    16. I give to try to make someone else's life even somewhat as wonderful as mine has been.

      Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! I appreciate that you share the rewards of your job with your listeners.

      1. Most of my monetary giving is through the Combined Federal Campaign at work, to either Red Cross or a local foodbank, or to church. I also give some time to tutor adults to learn to read through the local literacy council.

    17. I like to give because what I give is usually things I make, so I give unique gifts.

    18. I give mostly because it keeps me humble. When I go out to feed the homeless I am more grateful for what I have. I have crocheted scarves for the Special Olympics because I really want to actually volunteer at some of the events but have been unable to do so at this time, so I do what I can. I give by doing personal Bible Studies with women who are trying to build a relationship with God, because someone did it for me and it changed my life.

      Love your podcast! Got some catching up to do! I am like you in that I feel more crafty this time of year so I did nothing this summer, not even listening to my crafty podcasts. Now I am getting back in the swing of things!

    19. I give (time & money, mostly time) to worthy causes in my area: e.g. Peoples' Clinic, Community Center, Youth Programs, School. I've found out that one of the things we need to learn on this earth is to help and give and get along with our fellow souls. It's sooooo important. Spread the love!!

      Thanks for your podcast. It's much appreciated.

    20. Yes, yes, yes - I would love to participate in your 2013 UFO challenge. I have a number of quilts that I need to finish up.

      I really liked your recent book review podcast. I have a nice list of books that I would like to read in the upcoming months. Your book that you are currently reading by Matthew Dicks also sounds very interesting.

      I use to read the Elm Creek Quilt books as soon as a new one came out, however, I have not kept up on the series. The books are not available in audio. I feel that this series would be great for a quilter to listen to as they work on their quilt projects.

      I do make quilts to give to either the Hospice House, Project Linus or the Working Against Violence House (WAVHE). I feel that the individuals in these areas need something nice to hug on to.

    21. I give to help to bring others the happiness I get to experience in my daily life.

    22. I give because God gave to me. :)

    23. I give to United Way because it can come out of my paycheck and I can designate a charity if I like. I give to Historical Societies in Maryand because history is fascinating to me.

      Thanks for the book review. I love how you tell us about a book and your enthusiasm shines through.

    24. I give, because I never take for granted my good fortune. I believe that the best form of teaching is by example, and this is something I want my kids to know is right.

      I love your book reviews and the podcast! Keep them coming. That imaginary friend book sounds captivating.

    25. I give because I also receive. I am still living, and living well, with stage IV breast cancer. Cutting edge treatment options, funded by Komen, are the main reason I am still here. So I give abundantly to Komen in the form of my fundraising for an annual 3-Day 60-mile walk. In addition, I volunteer with JDRF to honor my sister who died of Type 1Diabetes and to celebrate my son who lives with the same disease.

      About "Call the Midwife" LOVE IT! Thanks for recommending it. I have the book on hold at the library and will eagerly devour it once my turn comes up. I thought I might enjoy the book since my five children were all born at home with a midwife. But I love it for so much more than that. Thanks again!

    26. I grow native Australian trees every year for planting to assist landholders to regenerate land which has been cleared in the past. I've been doing it for something like 6 or 7 years now (can't quite recall!) and I like to think I'm doing my little bit to fight against global warming and improve the environment for our native wildlife here in South Australia. I think everyone has a responsibility to help the community in whatever way they can. I can't afford to make much of a monetary donation so I give my time for 6 months of each year.

    27. My giving tends to be to whatever hospital/location my daughter is working in. She's a certified Music Therapist and actively employed as a Certified Child Life Specialist, working with children from the hematology/oncology ward of an inner city hospital in the NYC metro area. I make fleece blankies and hats and try to send along other things as my meager budget allows. I do it because we've always done things for others and as a result, my daughter turned into the caring giving person she is, and I like to help to support her wherever she is.

    28. I have quite a few places that I give to, usually help nephews when they are doing fundraisers and I worked for a Bible camp for almost 20 years. I've given them time, money and quilts. They do a quilt auction every year, which I used to organize when I was employed there. I've also supported many cancer organizations over the years since my family has been touched by cancer.

    29. Thanks for your podcasts and book reviews. enjoy both. I make quilts and give to Quilts of Valor to express to our service men and women how much we appreciate all the sacrifices they make to help ensure our freedoms, and to Children's Hospital in St. Louis along with several safe houses for women and their children in our area. I also make gifts for friends and family. I love seeing their faces light up when they receive a gift made with love from the heart.
      Thanks for the chance to win an advance copy of Jennifer's latest book. I've read all of them except the last one. I really enjoy them.

    30. I get more joy from giving than receiving. To see the joy in someone's face is worth it all.

    31. Hello Tanesha,

      I thoroughly enjoy your podcasts...makes me happy when a new one downloads! I give to my home Lutheran church in my tithe and also I have made a quilt for our Ebelskiever Lunch and Bazaar. Some of my quilt groups have made quilts for our local NICU units and I have organized quilts to be given to a local foster care organization.
      It is truly more blessed to give than to receive and we quilters are great at giving. Besides, it's a GREAT excuse to make more quilts...someone will always need one!

    32. Hi Tanesha,
      I would love to join in on the 2013 UFO challenge. I have a whole lot of UFOs to finish up. I got to watch Call The Midwife and love it.
      I like to give to the United Way, the church food bank and a local charity for displaced mentally ill children. I always fear that I don't give enough, but have finally realized that every little bit helps in some way.
      Thanks for your podcasts. I always enjoy them!
      Mary Sarah

    33. Your podcast is great and I love the book reviews.

      I give to my church, local firefighters and those that work with children. I also give my time in mentoring women, not only in quilting but in other ways as well.

    34. I loved "Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend", which I read after a recommendation from BONS( thanks for that recommendation by the way)
      I thought that the writing was just beautiful and the description of Max's difficulties was very true to life and just as importantly so were the difficulties that these caused for his parents. Budo's"death" was handled very well too. It was sad but at the same time positive.

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