Still "Feeling" Blue..

No, not sad blue. Happy blue! Shades of blue are in my mind and hands right now as I cut into this delicious hand dyed fabric from my stash.

It's been a long time since I was inspired art-quilt-wise but lately with my sketching (more on that to come in another post) and some journal work, I have been inundated with ideas. My Crafter's ADD brain is working overtime. Which also means I'm not sleeping well. Which also means I wake up tired. Which also means I've spent about $364 at Starbucks. This week. OK not really that much, but it's a crazy amount for iced coffee with a squirt of caramel in it.

Anyways! My smokin' debit card not withstanding, I am in the midst of a serious need to get all these ideas down and start CREATING. Of course like all of us, there is little time to make all I want to make. So I'm doing what I can to make what's in the forefront of my mind that day. My hope isn't necessarily to finish every project I start. But instead I'm going to try and just go with the flow of my creative inspiration right now, and see where it takes me. I may end up loving some of what I create, hating and trashing a lot of it. Either way, I think when I come out on the "other side" (read: wake up from my Starbucks-driven-high) I will have a small-ish body of work I'm proud of. And who knows where that will take me next?

More to come soon!



  1. I'm with you on the "too many ideas keeping me awake" front. I've got several Craftsy classes stacked up too, all generating ideas of their own! I plan on getting some back projects moved significantly forward this next week and hopefully will clear my mental decks to start getting some of those ideas into gear. Can't wait to see what you do with your blues.

  2. Love, love the colors. They have such a peacfeul aurora. They exude calmness. Where did you get those "hand dyes"?

    1. Thanks AJ! They are from my deep stash...like, 10-12 years old deep LOL. There is a little label on the pack that says dyeartist.com but when I went to the website it doesn't look like she's selling anymore. I've found some good sellers on Etsy too!


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