CGM Podcast Episode 34: Summer Standstill

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Show Notes 

Life update:   
  • Feeling a bit caught up in the "lazy days" of summer right now, so not a whole lot of productivity going on.
  • Feeling anxious/excited/anticipatory about Sam starting Kindergarten (real school!) in a few weeks.
  • I reference the eBook: No More Parents Left Behind as a good resource for parents with kids in the school system and you need a "helping hand" to guide you.
 F.O.'s and WIP's:
  • I finished my Wendy Knits Mystery shawlette - but I'm not happy with the end result. I loved the yarn (Dream in Color) but it didn't turn out very big, and I'm not crazy about the pattern. I am able to wrap it around my neck a bit, and may try wearing it this Fall as an accent piece...we'll see.
  • I didn't end up casting on my Stephen West Mystery Shawl...and after seeing others' finished shawls, I'm not going to.
  • Cast on the Daybreak Shawl by Stephen West....love it so far!
  • Batik floormat - 1st try was a bust. I blogged (briefly) about it here, with a pic.
  • I'm still sketching, with some Georgia O'Keefe inspiration...which caused me a bit of embarrassment at work.
Book Reviews:

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman

Thanks for listening!



  1. My husband had to take our oldest in to her first day of kindergarten. Me-I stood by the car and cried. She didn't see that. It's been a son and 31 nonstop years since! You are wise to be aware of how different teachers are with their parental communication habits and timelines. Some might not kep you informed in a timely manner. Mostly they are overworked and underpaid, but try their best! Have a wonderful journey!

  2. Thanks for your kind words and insight Diane. I have already told my DH he may have to hold me back from running after the bus that first day, LOL.


  3. Thanks for another great podcast! I listened while washing our storm windows - taken down for the first time in many years in prep for a paint job, so thanks for keeping me company during a tedious task!

    I agree with you on the Mystery shawls. I started a mystery sock once, but did not like it going forward, so repurposed the yarn elsewhere. Now I wait to be sure I like the project before I cast on.

    And thanks for the review of Gone Girl. I have been trying to decide whether to read it, but I want to like the characters in the books I read, so I may take a pass on that one.

    Good luck with the first day of kindergarten, and a whole new world opening to your daughter and family. We met some of our best friends (both kids and parents) during our children's elementary school years.

    1. Thanks for listening Margaret.... and for reminding me that windows actually have to be washed by hand once in awhile LOL.

  4. Yes, it will all be fine when Sam starts Kindergarden, but I understand the anxiety. It's always tricky trying to find the "new normal" in a school routine.

    Love your book reviews; I know I can count on you for the straight story.

    All the best.

  5. Is it just me, but is there something wrong with your microphone? Really crackly and poppy and I am unable to listen with earphones.
    Love your podcast...I'm a gardener and a quilter, too and I really appreciate your book reviews.
    Thanks for your hard work!

    1. Yes, I am sorry I must have had the mic too close to my mouth this time. I will be sure to do several sound checks the next recording! Thanks so much for listening though!

  6. I love your 'too small' shawl! I think it's perfect for when you want something just to keep your neck warm under your coat. It's very pretty, and you knitting it beautiful!

    gloria m.
    gmauno at gmail dot com (I think I come up as a 'no reply blogger'

  7. I agree with you on the Wendy Johnson MKAL. I added 4 extra repeats, but the pattern was not all that inspiring, however I finished it anyway (still pending blocking). I started the Stephen West MKAL and was happy to learn a new technique, but I did look at the spoiler pics as it went along and discovered it is not for me. I think I will do most of the pattern and change it up a litle. Your shawl looks nice. Our color selection is very similar. I know your feeling on your daughter going to kindergarten. I could think back to panic when my daughter went there. Now I have another panic my daughter will be going to college next year. WOWWWWWW

    1. Oh, I can't even think of her going to college yet, LOL. time passes too quickly doesn't it?

  8. First let me say how much I enjoy your podcasts! I look forward to each episode, because of the variety of your topics. I enjoy hearing about your family, books, projects, etc.! It's like listening to a friend. I do have a concern about the sound quality, however. Sometimes it sounds as though you might have your mouth too close to the microphone, like your breath is hitting the mic. I've tried adjusting the volume, but it doesn't help. Please understand that this is not criticism! Just a comment! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for letting me know Debbie, you're not the first. I must have left the microphone too close to my mouth this time. I will be sure to do several sound checks the next recording! So glad you're enjoying the podcast, I really appreciate you listening!

  9. You were cracking me up talking about control and your daughter going to school. I was so the opposite. I was one of those moms doing the happy dance when my daughter when to kindergarten. LOL

    I am off to order the book about the lighthouse...you have convinced me. I love listening to your suggestions about books. I love to read and really want a kindle...maybe my kids will buy me one for my birthday!

    1. Thanks Rhonda! Yes I am sure once the newness of her going to school sets in, I'll be pushing her through the doors, LOL.

  10. Check out the CraftSanity shop on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CraftSanity. She has looms that are large enough to make floormats. I didn't really understand how you were making yours, but perhaps Jennifer's product will work for you?


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