A New Knitting Bag

Last night I had a bought of insomnia and used the time awake to sew myself a new knitting bag. Up until now I've been cramming my expanding Daybreak Cowl into a small toiletery bag. I pulled out Jeni of In Color Order's pattern for Lined Drawstring Bags and made my first one!

What makes me smile about this bag is the cute fabric - who wouldn't smile at sheep knitting?!?! I bought both prints from Fabric.com, and it's a novelty line from Timeless Treasures. Here's a better shot of the top part with contrasting fabric:


This bag fits my project with room to spare as it continues to grow to the finished size:

Jeni's bag pattern is absolutely wonderful: very well-written with a good amount of photos. I made this bag in less than an hour. In fact, it went so quickly I started on a second, smaller bag for when I (finally) cast on my first pair of socks:

Mr. Potato Head and contrasting I Love Carbs! fabric - another "makes me smile every time" fabric. This one was from my stash, but I'm pretty sure it's still for sale on Fabric.com and other places.

So that's what I've been burning the midnight oil with recently. What have you been working on?



  1. Cute bags!I made a similar knitting bag a while ago, and just love it. I haven't been brave enough to try socks yet, but I'm thinking about it!

  2. I'm knitting my first sweater...fingers crossed! Socks are not so bad. I do a totally plain version, toe up on dpn's and they've become my mindless tv knitting. The bags are great! Guess you saw where Jeni is now a fabric designer? Pretty cool.

    1. Thanks Jane! Yes, I am very happy for Jeni, her new line looks great.

  3. Your knitting bag is soo cute. I have tried socks several times, but can't get past the ribbing. Now is I had a cool bag like yours though, maybe I'd try again!! Thanks for sharing.


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